Justine Lee Hirten (2013)

Justine Lee Hirten Justine Lee Hirten

Justine Lee Hirten is an experienced illustrator and wildlife rehabilitator. She studied science illustration under the guidance of artists-in-residence at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago where she also worked as an intern in their ornithology lab preparing, organizing, and illustrating specimens. She then went on to graduate from the California State University of Monterey Bay Science Illustration program in 2013. She believes that research, conservation, and education about birds is an essential part of preserving the natural world, and that birds are some of the best ambassadors for nature. As a Bartels illustrator, Justine created graphics for our All About Birds newsletter, our BirdNotes brochures, and Living Bird magazine. She now lives in Connecticut where she works as a freelance illustrator and teaches.




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