Stef denRidder (2014)


Stef, an illustrator from the Netherlands, graduated in 2013 from the Art Academy in the Netherlands. Stef’s daily life focuses on animals: looking up articles, reading books, and taking photographs. In her illustrations, Stef strives to share her fascination and interest of animals with her audience. Her interest in birds began after she completed a project about how birds can help explain evolutionary theory, and it has continued to grow since then. As a Bartels Science Illustrator, Stef’s main project was to create an illustration for the cover of the 2014 State of the Birds report. She also created 15 highly detailed, black-and-white pencil drawings for the chapter heads of a book about cooperative breeding. For this project she worked with 20 different authors all over the world to illustrate cooperative breeding species of many animal groups.



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