Cornell Is a Great Place to Be an Ornithology Student

Why Cornell? As the home of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, no other institution of higher learning supports such a rich community of professional ornithologists, bird-savvy students, and recreational birders. Whether your goal is to build a great local year list, to take part in cutting-edge research, or simply to hang out with birder friends, Cornell is a fantastic place to make your ornithological passion part of your college experience.

Quick Resources for

Prospective Undergraduates

Current Students

Graduate Students

Young Birders (Pre-College)

  • If you’re a high school birder thinking about making your passion part of your college life, we can help.
  • See our Undergraduate FAQ for advice, encouragement, and how to persuade your parents that ornithology is a rewarding career path.
  • Take part in the Young Birders Network, hosted by eBird.
  • Come visit! Apply for our annual Young Birders Event for accomplished high-school-age birders.

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