• Making a Case for Open Access

    On October 28th, the global scientific community wrapped up the Open Access Week. Open Access Week (according to wikipedia, and fact-checked by is a scholarly communication event that focuses on Open Access and related topics. Events include talks, digital seminars, symposia, curated blog communities, or the announcement of open access mandates or other milestones in open access. All... See More

  • Mid-Atlantic Migratory Corridor and Wind Farm Construction

    September comes every year with a sense of excitement. Students go back to school, football players take to the field, and there is a promise of cooler temperatures to offer some relief from the dog days of summer. For me, this September offers another level of excitement, as I find myself at the end of... See More

  • The Return from Dzanga

    Who knew that the feeling of one lone ant crawling across the back of my neck could transport me over 10,000 kilometers in a single moment. With my eyes closed and my face tipped up towards the sun, I felt a soothing warmth linger momentarily on my cheeks and then slowly drip down my arms,... See More

  • On Seeing Sound

    I am Gururaja KV, a Batrachologist and a faculty member at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in Bengaluru, India. Also, I am an adjunct scientist at the Gubbi Labs in India. My current research interests are in the field of anuran systematics, behavioural ecology, landscape ecology, and bioacoustics. I am a strong... See More

  • At The Limit – Saving Forest Elephants

    "STOP RIGHT THERE!" Came the warning just as I was leaving the research building. Eric, peering out of an adjacent doorway whispered "He's right around the corner next to you." 'He' was 'Choco', a young bull forest elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis) who was regularly coming out of the surrounding forest to eat fruits and tender leaves in the... See More