One of the advantages of working at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology is being able to walk outside of the office and into the woods where one can spend a quiet hour contemplating nature and putting the world to rights, at least in your head. Many visitors each year visit the lab and walk around the... See More

  • A View from the Wheel House – Changing Tide

    This is not a scientific paper with theories, graphs, peer-reviews, and conclusions. This is a set of observations that some of my colleagues and I have experienced in recent past. I’m not going to use the term you might be expecting because I want you to come to your own conclusions. I am not a... See More

  • Signal Processing Taking Wing: A BRP Intern’s Perspective

    The summer of 2018 was delightful and carefree. Long hours spent reading in the sun, dining out, and vaguely dreaming of grad school in the spring. However, inevitably, I began to feel restless. I was eager to continue exploring my chosen major: signal processing. Signals are numbers changing with respect to a parameter - most commonly,... See More

  • Making a Case for Open Access

    On October 28th, the global scientific community wrapped up the Open Access Week. Open Access Week (according to wikipedia, and fact-checked by is a scholarly communication event that focuses on Open Access and related topics. Events include talks, digital seminars, symposia, curated blog communities, or the announcement of open access mandates or other milestones in open access. All... See More

  • Mid-Atlantic Migratory Corridor and Wind Farm Construction

    September comes every year with a sense of excitement. Students go back to school, football players take to the field, and there is a promise of cooler temperatures to offer some relief from the dog days of summer. For me, this September offers another level of excitement, as I find myself at the end of... See More