NAOC Workshop: Before You Arrive

Software and course materials

We will be using the following software in our workshop. See the main text, to the right, for information on how to install these bits of software.

R base software: required to work through the workshop's example scripts
R add-on packages: also required to work through the examples
Cygwin (Windows users only!): required for running the morning's examples of data extraction
RStudio: not required, but a useful "helper" application for working with R
course materials:

last updated: 12 August 2016 15:30

In order to help us dive right into the workshop’s presentations and exercise, we are asking you to have your laptops ready, with all of the necessary software and sample data for running the example scripts already loaded onto your computer.  There are also other optional software packages, and workshop materials that will be available for download before the workshop begins.  This page described these downloadables, and where to find them.

Computer Software to Install

To get the most out of the workshop, we suggest that you have installed on your computer the software that we will be using during the workshop.  Some of this software is required to run the examples yourself (flagged as “required”), while other downloads are optional.  Here’s the list:

Workshop Material Downloads

In addition to the software, you will need data to be processed by the software.  You should have the data that we will use in our examples already on your computer when you arrive.  For those that are interested, we also provide instructions on how to access and download the full eBird data products.