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We partner with local communities to tell compelling stories about conservation.

Producer Gerrit Vyn on location in the Yellow Sea.

People around the world—from general public to key decision makers—remain largely unaware of how broadly humans are threatening nature. Climate change and rampant loss of biodiversity threaten global civilization, yet changes in attitudes and behavior remain sporadic and slow. Mobilizing people to adopt new approaches requires compelling communication, but most organizations lack the means and expertise to move hearts as well as inform minds.

We are a professional-grade, multimedia production group established to advance high-priority conservation initiatives. Our “business model” is to work with scientific institutions, conservationists, and local communities around the world to create science-based documentaries, short-form video, and data visualizations that support initiatives to sustain species, ecosystems, and human livelihoods.

How do we operate? First, we identify urgent issues and worthwhile endeavors where science is under-utilized. We forge alliances with local and international stakeholders and work closely with those partners to produce high-quality media and educational tools. Finally, we freely disseminate these media assets, translated into local languages, to all groups that are dedicated to the conservation issue.

  • Greater Sage-Grouse by Gerrit Vyn
    Protecting Ecosystems and Iconic Species

    Across the world—from the Spoon-billed Sandpiper of the Russian tundra, to the Greater Sage-Grouse of America’s sagebrush steppe, to the critically endangered Phillippine Eagle, we work with stakeholders to draw attention to threatened species and natural systems.

  • Shorebird caught in a net. By Gerrit Vyn
    Illuminating Illegal Wildlife Trade

    Through natural history video production, data visualizations, and interviews with leading experts,
    we create communication tools for leading NGOs and government agencies to engage key audiences.

  • Conservation Stories, Multimedia
    Sharing Conservation Success Stories

    Realizing the power of conservation successes to inspire others to act, we spread the stories of the people, communities, and organizations that are dedicated to protecting wildlife.

  • Bar-tailed Godwits in China. Photo by Gerrit Vyn.
    Wetland Loss in China’s Yellow Sea

    Our film, made available in English, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and Japanese, highlighted the loss of critical migratory shorebird habitat in the Yellow Sea region. After release, China’s State Oceanic Administration issued a moratorium on land reclamation in the region.

  • Grey Parrots by Terese Butler Hart
    African Grey Parrot: Species in Decline

    This film helped galvanize support for increased international protection of the African Grey Parrot. It was screened for delegates to a 2017 CITES conference and was made available in four languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

  • Hargila army members celebrate Greater Adjutants at a local festival. Photo by Gerrit Vyn.
    Community Conservation of the Greater Adjutant Stork

    We highlighted the work of Dr. Purnima Barman in galvanizing community commitment to conservation of the endangered Greater Adjutant stork in Assam, India. Released in English and Assamese.

  • Hargila, over an image of five storks standing on a refuse pile
    “Hargila” Film Documents India’s Grassroots Effort to Save the Endangered Greater Adjutant Stork

    A new film documents the last stronghold of the Greater Adjutant, in Assam, India, and the work of Dr. Purnima Barman’s “Hargila Army” to help this critically endangered species.

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