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Celebrate Urban Birds in Guatemala Kit

The kit was co-created with Guatemalan partners. It includes a bird guide of the 16 focal species of Guatemala with beautiful photos, useful information and cool facts about each bird, and simple actions you can take at home to help birds. It also includes an illustrated table to collect your bird observations, instructions, and a silhouette poster. Click on the links below to download the kit components (in Spanish).

Bird Guide

Data collection Sheet, Instructions, and Silhouette Poster

Kit Envelope

A Guide to the Birds of the Guatemalan Pacific Coast

This guidebook “Creating Opportunities to Train Youth from the Sipacate-Naranjo National Park in Community Ecotourism” aims to promote the identification and conservation of the bird species found on the Pacific coast of Guatemala. This work was created with the help of the project “Strategies for the Conservation of Shorebirds through Sustainability Management of Salt Mines and Shrimp farms on the Pacific coast of Guatemala.” In the guide you will find information about the birds in the area, including , whether or not they are migratory. You will come to know the birds’ details and be able to identify them, the different types of habitats they occupy, their diet , what is currently endangering them, and the ongoing efforts to protect them.

Authors: Bianca Bosarreyes, K. Varinia Sagastume-Pinto y Jairo Peña / Editors: José F. Moreira Ramírez y Miriam Castillo / Diagrams and Design: Andrea Bracamonte / Style Revision: Jorge Rodríguez  y Revista Viatori / Ilustraciones: Andrea Bracamonte  / Pacífico Coast Map: Andrea Aguilera / Organizations:Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Coastal Solutions Fellows Program of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology