Within each center of the various Cornell Lab of Ornithology centers, there are a variety of programs and projects dedicated to research and the applications of the findings to further conservation efforts and the development of new technologies to support scientists and the general public. Explore the selection below and learn more about our latest discoveries, technologies, tools, collaborations and opportunities for researchers.

  • NestWatch: Explore Our Data

    After each nesting season, Lab scientists analyze the data submitted by NestWatch participants. You can explore our annual research reports, global map of nest sites, and download species nest data.

  • FeederWatch: Explore Our Data

    See FeederWatch data in action! Check out maps, data summaries, and rare bird reports. See which species are reported the most in any state, province, or region. Or read scientific publications using FeederWatch data.

  • A group people covering their ears
    Noise Project

    This project, based on equity and co-created by leaders of communities underrepresented in the sciences, studies the impact of noise pollution on humans and birds.