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Birding 1,2,3

Welcome! You've joined the millions of people worldwide who enjoy watching birds!

Have you always wondered how experienced birders can confidently identify birds with just a glimpse? We'll help you learn the identification skills you need by describing the characteristics birders pay particular attention to in the field.

Wondering where to go to find birds? The best place to start birding is locally—in your own backyard or neighborhood park. But if you're yearning for parts unknown, we'll share with you some of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology staff's favorite birding spots in North America.

Looking for a way to use your birding observations to help birds? We invite you to become a participant in one of the Lab's many Citizen Science projects.

Identifying Birds
Learn some of the secrets of bird identification using silhouettes, posture, flight pattern, size and habitat, in addition to key field marks.

Where to Bird
Check out the CLO staff's favorite birding spots—our favorite birding locations across the country.

Report Your Observations
From backyards and city streets to remote forests, report your bird observations and become part of the world's largest bird studies research team.