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Analysis: Birds Vs. Bacteria. Who’s Winning?, April 6, 2021
Data from citizen science tracks ongoing “arms race”

Shade-Grown Coffee Could Help Save Birds, If Only People Knew About It, March 2, 2021
Survey finds even birdwatchers are not aware of bird-friendly coffee benefits

Male Lyrebirds Create an “Acoustic Illusion” to Snare Potential Mates, February 25, 2021
Researchers discover unexpected role for mimicry

Bearded Seals Are Loud—But Not Loud Enough, February 24, 2021
Vocal threshold may hamper survival of this Arctic species

Study Finds Even the Common House Sparrow is Declining, February 11, 2021
Citizen scientists provide the research data

Starling Success Traced to Rapid Adaptation, February 9, 2021
Genetic evolution doesn’t always take millions of years

How Many Birds Will You Find? January 28, 2021
Worldwide Great Backyard Bird Count starts on February 12

Land Trust Grants Protect Birds & Habitat: Apply Now, January 19, 2021
Land trusts are a vital link to conservation on private lands

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  • Robyn Bailey

    Project Leader, NestWatch

    Nesting Biology • Nest and Egg Identification • Nest Boxes • Citizen Science
  • Jessie Barry

    Program Manager

  • David Bonter

    Co-Director, Center for Engagement in Science and Nature

    Citizen Science • Avian Ecology • Foraging Ecology
  • Kathi Borgmann

    Communications Coordinator

    Science Communication • Bird Identification • Breeding Biology • Avian Conservation • Bird Song • Wildlife Restoration Ecology
  • Christopher Clark

    Visiting Senior Scientist

    Acoustic Ecology • Behavioral Ecology • Bioacoustics • Animal Communication • Bio-engineering
  • André Dhondt

    Director, Bird Population Studies

    Disease Ecology • Population Ecology • Behavioral Ecology • Evolutionary Ecology • Conservation Biology
  • Charles Eldermire

    Bird Cams Project Leader

  • Andrew Farnsworth

    Senior Research Associate

    Bird Migration • Aeroecology • Bioacoustics • Radar Ornithology • Climate Change
  • John Fitzpatrick

    Executive Director

    Administrative Oversight • Fundraising • Board Relations • Conservation Science • External Communication
  • Emma Greig

    Project Leader, Project FeederWatch

    Behavioral Ecology
  • Wesley Hochachka

    Senior Research Associate

    Population Ecology • Citizen Science • Ecological Informatics • Disease Ecology
  • Marshall J. Iliff

    eBird Project Leader

    eBird • Status and Trends • Migration • Species Distribution • Taxonomy
  • Holger Klinck

    Director, Bioacoustics Research Program

  • Frank La Sorte

    Research Associate

    Bird Migration • Climate Change • Urbanization • Biogeography • Macroecology
  • Irby Lovette

    Fuller Professor of Ornithology

  • Kevin J. McGowan

    Senior Course Developer and Instructor, Bird Academy

    Crows • Behavioral Ecology • Ornithological Trivia • Bird Identification • Translating Science to General Audiences
  • Tina Phillips

    Assistant Director

    Citizen Science • Evaluation • Learning • Social Science
  • Karen Purcell

    Project Leader

  • Aaron Rice

    Principal Ecologist

    Bioacoustics • Conservation Biology • Fish Biology • Marine Ecology • Animal Behavior
  • Amanda Rodewald

    Garvin Professor and Senior Director, Center for Avian Population Studies

  • Ken Rosenberg

    Applied Conservation Scientist

    Bird Habitat • Conservation • Sustainability
  • Viviana Ruiz Gutierrez

    Quantitative Ecologist

    Applied Population Ecology • Conservation Science • Quantitative Ecology • Tropical Ecology and Conservation
  • Edwin Scholes

    Birds-of-Paradise Project Leader

    Birds-of-Paradise • Audiovisual Media • New Guinea Ornithology • Evolutionary Biology
  • Mya Thompson

    Co-Director for Engagement in Science and Nature

    Online Learning • Instructional Design • Media Production • Environmental Education • Animal Communication • Science Communication
  • Nancy Trautmann

    Director, Education

    Curriculum Development • Professional Development for K-12 Educators • Research on Learning Outcomes for Teachers and Students
  • Mike Webster

    Director, Macaulay Library

    Animal Behavior • Animal Communication • Evolution • Bird Song • Breeding Biology
  • Peter Wrege

    Project Leader

    Behavioral Ecology • Bioacoustics • Acoustic Monitoring • Elephant Behavior and Conservation

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