As a unit of Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, we bring together world-class science and teaching with the agility and real-world impact of a nonprofit organization. Our work spans disciplines from science to art, engineering to education. Our global community includes you and other supporters, participants, and partners from all walks of life, united by a love for birds and nature and a commitment to help protect our planet.

  • Humpback Whales by Jon Comforth.

    Bioacoustics Research Program

    Our scientists and engineers apply innovative technologies to record and interpret sounds of wildlife.

  • Macaulay Library

    With millions of wildlife sounds, images, and videos archived since 1929, the Macaulay Library is an unparalleled multimedia resource.

  • Information Science

    We transform data into knowledge by pioneering new techniques at the interface of citizen science, informatics, machine learning, and data visualizations.

  • bird banding with David Bonter, Photo by Marilú López Fretts.

    Citizen Science

    Choose a project to record bird observations for science—whether in backyards, city streets, or remote forests.

  • Lawrence

    Fuller Evolutionary Biology

    Using field studies and the powerful tools of molecular biology, we explore the earth’s biodiversity and the processes that have generated it.

  • Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates

    Housed within the Cornell Lab and administered as part of Cornell University, this research and teaching museum holds more than 1.5 million specimens.

  • Amanda Rodewald takes a bird out of a net, by Guillermo Santos

    Conservation Science

    We conduct scientific research and work with partners to apply science to planning, policy, and sustainable solutions that support communities and conservation.

  • Gerrit Vyn on location, Multimedia

    Conservation Media

    We inform and inspire the protection of wildlife, habitats, and livelihoods through multimedia productions that bring scientific insights to conservation.

  • Wood Thrush by John Petruzzi/Macaulay Library

    Bird Population Studies

    We analyze data from long-term focal studies and citizen-science projects to reveal how environmental changes affect the distribution and abundance of birds.

  • Education, Visitor Center hands up, Courtesy of Cornell Lab/K12


    Delve into our curricula, courses, and resources for sparking curiosity about birds and nature, building science skills, and inspiring action.

  • Osprey, by Brian Kushner via Birdshare:

    Development and Philanthropy

    We partner with the Cornell Lab’s financial supporters, fostering partnerships to build a foundation of support for the Lab’s mission.

  • anna


    We give birds a voice—with news, insights, and live streaming cams to inspire the love and understanding of birds and natural world.

  • Lab

    Administration and Business Operations

    Our administrative team provides essential services to support the Lab’s mission, including human resources, finances, transactions, administration, and facilities.

  • Cornell students. Courtesy of the Cornell Lab.

    Academic Programs

    Opportunities for undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs to engage with the Cornell Lab community through courses, research, jobs, and outreach projects.

Photo Credits:

Pied Lapwing by Luke Seitz/Macaulay Library; Citizen Science photo by Marilú Lopez Fretts; Conservation Science photo by Guillermo Santos; Osprey by Brian Kushner via Birdshare; Lab’s entrance by Dimitri Ponirakis.

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