All About Birds

All About Birds is an online guide to birds and bird watching, produced by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It has information about 589 North American species – identify birds, learn about life history, listen to sounds, and watch videos of bird behavior.

This website can help people learn the basics of birding, including useful tips on identification, birding hotspots, and ways that your observations can help birds by contributing to citizen science projects.

With its wide-ranging archive of articles and latest news, All About Birds is an extensive resource for learning about bird biology through the Lab’s Bird Academy, bird behavior, science and conservation, bird sounds, and even how to become more involved with birds and science.


What can All About Birds offer land trusts?

Land trusts can use information from All About Birds to find out more about local species on their lands, to improve outreach and marketing materials, to answer questions about bird conservation, or to help draft management plans. On All About Birds, you can connect to bird cams, birding basics , citizen science projects, bird news, and Living Bird magazine. All of these resources can serve as great educational tools for members and donors.