Grant Awards and Expectations

January 3, 2021
Dickcissel on flowerDickcissel photo by Cameron Collins.
  • MOU with list of grant activities, deliverables, and expectations will be signed by the awardee organization and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to initiate the funding cycle and payment.
  • For $5K and $25K grants, MOU will cover one year (start date decided by applicant between 5/1 and 9/1) and awarded funds should be used within this year period.
  • For $5K and $25K grants, a portion of the grant funds will be released upon signing of the MOU and at 6 months, with the remainder released upon receipt of the final report. Distribution of the funds may differ depending on the grant track.

  • For $5K and $25K grants, recipients are required to submit brief, quarterly progress reports as well as a final report describing the project objectives, methods, outcomes, and use of funds at the end of the year grant period.
  • For $50K land acquisition grants, applicants should submit a final report with settlement statements and recorded documents, confirmation that the acquisition has been recorded in the National Conservation Almanac, the National Conservation Easement Database and/or other relevant data repositories as appropriate, and receive a copy of the property’s management plan upon its completion.

  • For $50K land acquisition grants, the fund donor requests that the grantee advises Lab of Ornithology contact of visits to be made to the awarded property and invite donor to accompany grantee staff on a visit at donor’s expense.
  • Bird data associated with funded projects must be entered in eBird.
  • For $50K land acquisition grants, we would like to request that the awardee submit one or more annual bird survey(s) to eBird from the property and/or add this survey language to the stewardship or management plan to ensure a connection to birds and bird conservation in perpetuity. If the property has public access, awardee could consider creating an eBird hotspot enabling multiple birders to enter data at the same shared location empowering the bird community to collect bird data on behalf of the awardee land trust.

  • The Cornell Lab and its sponsors reserve the right to feature the funded projects and use photographs and other media on their websites, in Land Trust Initiative materials, and on social media.

If you have questions, please contact:
Sara Barker, Cornell Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative Program Leader,