Articles featuring bird conservation and land trusts will be posted here, as they become available.

  • AudioMoth recording
    eNews October 2023

    In this edition, we highlight projects using bioacoustic recordings to conserve birds, feature a toolkit to help land trusts create wildlife corridors, explore the universal appeal of birding, provide a link to a short film about conservation in grasslands, and share important upcoming dates.

  • eNews July 2023

    In this edition, we announce the 2023 Cornell Land Trust Small Grant awardees and highlight some of the work they are doing for bird conservation and community engagement on land trusts.

  • eNews May 2023

    In this edition, we announce three tools to help land trusts engage their community and highlight some of our partners to show how different land trust trusts are celebrating spring migration and working to conserve birds.

  • EBird Trends: Introducing The Ultimate Drill-Down Tool For Viewing Local Changes In Bird Populations

    A new generation of eBird Trends maps provides a fine-scale view for where birds are increasing and decreasing. The maps can be used to guide research and identify where conser­vation programs appear to be working so that they can be replicated elsewhere.

  • 2023 Request for Proposals Open

    Request for Proposals is Open!
    The Cornell Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative is pleased to announce the 2023 Land Trust Small Grant Program, which will award $230,000 to as many as 14 projects throughout the country. This program provides funding opportunities to facilitate impactful projects that accelerate and amplify land stewardship and bird conservation on land trust properties and easements.

  • eNews December 2022

    In this edition, we announce the next round of land trust small grants opening in January, highlight the release of eBird State Profiles, and introduce our new webpage, Land Trusts Using eBird. We feature resources such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Annual Report, an article from Living Bird Magazine that explores the mutualism between whitebark pine and Clark’s Nutcrackers, and Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count.

  • eNews November 2022

    In this edition, we announce the launch of two new exciting tools using eBird Status & Trends data: the Northeast Bird Habitat Conservation Initiative Mapping Tool and eBird Trends Maps. We feature resources from U.S. North American Bird Conservation Initiative’s 2022 State of the Birds Report that give land trusts insight on how to use birds as indicator species for biodiversity as well as which birds are at risk of losing 50 percent of their population in the next 50 years.

  • New Conservation Mapping Tool Helps Visualize Opportunities

    The Northeast Bird Habitat Conservation Initiative has announced the launch of an exciting new interactive mapping tool designed to aid northeastern conservation practitioners and organizations, including regional conservation partnerships and land trusts in advancing conservation.

  • Free Mapping Tool Merges Data to Improve Bird Conservation and Land Protection in Northeastern States

    An easy to use, interactive mapping tool designed to help Regional Conservation Partnerships, land trusts, and practitioners use birds as tools to support activities such as habitat management plan and stewardship development, land prioritization and acquisition strategies, and landowner and community engagement, all through the lens of bird conservation.

  • eNews September 2022

    September’s edition of eNews introduces the 2022 Small Grant Program awardee projects and details how you can connect with the Northeast Bird Habitat Initiative (NBHCI) at the Land Trust Alliance’s upcoming Rally Conference. We also feature resources such as a new mapping tool that can aid land trusts in conservation planning, free webinars from Cornell Lab Experts on how to support birds during fall migration, and an article from the most recent issue of Living Bird documenting chemical threats to songbirds.

  • American goldfinches enjoying thistle.
    eNews April 2022

    In this edition, we announce the recipients of our 2022 eBird mini grants and their workshop plans, highlight a new Bird Academy course that focuses on connecting kids to nature, and provide guidance for planting native species this growing season. We also feature resources such as Global Big Day 2022, Bird Cast and the Light’s Out Campaign, NestWatch citizen science monitoring program, and Birdability.

  • Cedar Waxing eating toyon berries
    April: National Native Plant Month

    April is Native Plant Month! Planting native species is a great way to not only attract birds to a property, but also provide critical food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Not sure what plants are native to your region or how to optimize your land to serve birds and other wildlife year-round? Want to share resources with landowners? Explore the resources shared in this article to get you started.