Birds of the World

Steller’s Jay, Simon Richards via BirdShare

Birds of the World, a powerful new subscription-based resource, compiles the most comprehensive, up-to-date ornithological data into one platform through integration of four major ornithological works (Birds of North America, Neotropical Birds, Bird Families of the World and Handbook of the Birds of the World) with two of the Lab’s signature data archives: Macaulay Library and eBird.

What can Birds of the World offer land trusts?

Land trusts can use this continually growing resource to access information on any bird species in the world to enhance educational materials, improve outreach and marketing materials, guide conservation and management plans, and to strengthen proposals. Several of the Birds of the World components most helpful to land trusts include:

  • 10,721 species accounts containing information on distribution, migration, habitat requirements, diet, sounds, behavior, breeding, current population status, conservation and management needs, effects of human activities and priorities for future research
  • 9 free species accounts every month
  • 249 bird family accounts
  • 500 million+ eBird observations
  • 100,000+ research citations
  • 21,000 color illustrations of every species, and many subspecies
  • Tens of thousands of media assets (photos, videos, and sound recordings) from the Macaulay Library
  • Range maps, eBird species abundance maps, and animated migration maps
  • Avian taxonomy explorer
  • Subscription access to individuals, institutions and nonprofits
  • Ongoing updates by leading ornithologists
  • IUCN Conservation status for every species
  • Online references

Note: To access Birds of the World you must have a subscription. This program requires ongoing funding in order to continue to be supported and maintained as a “living” resource. Birds of the World pays for itself through subscription dollars. Subscriptions are available in a monthly or yearly option and are available at a personal or institutional rate.