Latino Outdoors

Latino Outdoors group hike. Photo: Latino Outdoors

“Latino Outdoors is a unique, Latinx-led organization working in support of a national community of leaders in outdoor recreation, conservation and environmental education. As part of this work, we focus on expanding and amplifying the Latinx experience in the outdoors. We provide leadership, mentorship, and professional opportunities and serve as a platform for sharing oft-overlooked cultural connections and narratives that will bolster the collective outdoor movement. Latino Outdoors is a space for the community to be present, share our voices, and showcase how an ethic of conservation and roots in nature have been ingrained in la cultura Latina for generations.” –Latino Outdoors “About Us”

Resources from Latino Outdoors:

  • Upcoming outings & events: Attend events to start building partnerships.
  • Locations: Find the location nearest to you.
  • Blog: Yo Cuento (I matter/I count): Learn more about Latino Outdoors community members.
  • Mapping Migraciones: This is a year-long project centers stories from our community members. It uses an interactive map populated with migratory bird data and stories from the community to give a full picture of how birds and people are connected through geography and culture. Check in throughout the year and watch the map grow to include more birds, migration patterns, and stories.

How Latino Outdoors fits into land trusts’ scope of work:

Latino Outdoors is a great potential partner for land trust organizations. Land trusts could host outreach events on conserved properties such as hikes, birding, bird monitoring, invasive species pulls, or trainings. By partnering with Latino Outdoors, land trusts would expand their reach to an underrepresented voice in the conservation community and amplify the visibility of Latinos enjoying the outdoors both recreationally and professionally.