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Chile National Bird: Andean Condor by Francisco Castro / Macaulay Library

Bird Guides, Books and Activities

  • Limari River Coastal Wetland’s Bird Guide

    This bird guide is a community effort to promote awareness about the Limari River’s birds and coastal wetlands. The guide includes 87 bird species with beautiful photos, and information about the birds and the ecosystem. Members of the Colectivo Libertad (Freedom Collective) and Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas (CEAZA), Center for Advanced Studies in Arid Zones) created this guide (in Spanish).

  • Las Aves Urbanas eBook

    Learn about some of the Coquimbo’s urban bids and actions you can take to help birds locally in this illustrated eBook created by local youth and educators (in Spanish).

  • Pasado, Presente, Furturo del Chorlo de Campo

    This is an educational book about the Tawny-throated Dotterel. The book was developed by the rural youth group Club Detectives de Pachurrones to promote awareness about the bird, its connection to the local culture, and its fragile ecosystem in Northern Chile (in Spanish).

  • Estación Toltén School Arts and Crafts Group Activity

    A fun school activity which combines birds, arts, local culture, and science (in Spanish).

Illustrated Bird Tally Sheets

Regional tally sheets with common and easy to identify birds plus additional activities and information on the back (in Spanish).


Coquimbo’s Urban Parks

IV Region’s Coastal Wetlands

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