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Ecuador National Bird: Andean Condor by Francisco Castro / Macaulay Library

Let’s Celebrate the Birds of Ecuador: Manual of Environmental Education (Spanish)

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Costa (Coast)

Galápagos Islands


Imbana common birds

Guide of common bird species found in Parroquia La Victoria in Imbana, Zamora Chinchipe Province, Ecuador. The guide describes 33 common bird species, their ecological significance, and their general characteristics. Some images in the guide are thanks to a collaboration with Macaulay Library. We hope you enjoy!

Author: Carmen Iralda Orellana Medina / Contact: Ecoclub Imbana 

Illustrated Tally Sheets of Ecuadorian Birds

These illustrated bird tally sheets were co-created for different Ecuadorian regions. They have additional activities on their back page for recording additional species and other information (in Spanish). To download these bird tally sheets click on the links below.

Costa Bird Tally sheet

Sierra Bird Tally sheet

Amazon Bird Tally sheet

Galapagos Bird Tally Sheet