Hundreds of thousands of people around the world contribute bird observations to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology each year, gathering data on a scale once unimaginable. Scientists use these data to reveal how birds are affected by habitat loss, pollution, disease, climate, and other environmental changes. Your participation will help us trace bird migration, nesting success, and changes in bird numbers through time. These insights inform conservation plans and key actions to protect birds and habitats. Find a project that’s right for you!


Choose a project below to get started today.

Celebrate Urban Birds: Get involved with birds and community activities in urban and suburban areas.
eBird: Track and share your sightings anywhere, any time.
NestWatch: Find and monitor bird nests.
Project FeederWatch: Watch and record birds at your feeders in winter.
Great Backyard Bird Count: In February, celebrate birds by counting them at home or in your community.

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– Confused about what “citizen science” is?
– Unsure if you know enough about birds or science to contribute?
– Are you ready to get started, but don’t know what to do next?

If you’re excited about taking part in one or more of our projects, but still have some questions, visit our FAQ section to get all the answers.