Meet Our Staff


  • Claire Hebbard

    Research Support Specialist

    In my work with the Social Science Research team, I am able to integrate my interests and experiences in human interactions, education, nature, and science.
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  • Robyn Bailey

    Project Leader for NestWatch

    I manage the research, education, and marketing initiatives for NestWatch, the Lab’s citizen science project focused on nesting birds.
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  • Rick Bonney

    Director, Public Engagement in Science
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  • David Bonter

    Arthur A. Allen Director of Citizen Science

    As program director, I oversee all projects in the Citizen Science program. For teaching and research, see my website.
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  • Chris Cottle

    Software Developer for Citizen Science

    I build applications that turn phones and computers into tools for science!
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  • Marta del Campo

    Bilingual Outreach Specialist

    I coordinate and co-develop citizen science and educational initiatives in underserved communities in Latin America, the Caribbean Islands and US communities as part of a joint effort between Celebrate Urban Birds and BirdSleuth K-12.
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  • Ian Davies

    eBird Project Coordinator
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  • Holly Faulkner

    Project Assistant for NestWatch and Project FeederWatch

    I provide technical support to participants, manage both project’s social media pages and otherwise help to keep each project running smoothly.
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  • Miika Grady

    Web Designer for Citizen Science

    I design and maintain the websites for FeederWatch, NestWatch and Celebrate Urban Birds. I also spearhead the user experience for our mobile applications.
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  • Emma Greig

    Project Leader for Project FeederWatch

    I manage the development, outreach and scientific research associated with Project FeederWatch.
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  • Marshall Iliff

    eBird Project Leader
    I help manage the eBird project, with a particular focus on data quality and review of our scientific output.
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  • Anne Marie Johnson

    Project Assistant for Project FeederWatch

    I help with participant support and the preparation of electronic and print communications, and I make sure that research kits, renewal reminders, and other materials are designed, printed, inventoried, and mailed out.
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  • Lisa Larson

    Lead Developer
    I write software that enables people to contribute observations of bird populations and behavior in human-modified as well as natural environments via citizen science websites such as Project FeederWatch, Nestwatch, Celebrate Urban Birds, and via our mobile apps.
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  •  Marilú Lopez Fretts

    Project Assistant for Celebrate Urban Birds (CUBs)
    I help with the day-to-day operations of Celebrate Urban Birds.
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  • Vicki Martin

    Rose Postdoctoral Research Associate

    I am a social scientist studying public engagement in science and science communication. At the Lab, my research is focused on broadening the audiences we serve in Project FeederWatch.
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  • Brian Petersen

    Software Engineer
    I’ve been writing software for the lab since 2017. I develop application services and user interfaces and love being able to combine my passions for technology and nature!
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  • Tina Phillips

    Assistant Director, Citizen Science Program

    I serve as an evaluator and social science researcher for numerous efforts across citizen science and Lab programs. My research is focused on understanding and documenting socio-ecological outcomes of citizen science.
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  • Karen Purcell

    Project Leader for Celebrate Urban Birds (CUBs)
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  • Becca Rodomsky-Bish

    Nest Record Archivist

    I am working to digitize NestWatch records with the goal of building a Zooniverse, crowd-sourced project that will be used to gain a better understanding of birds during their nesting season, and how bird populations have changed over time.
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  • Jennifer Shirk

    Program Manager, Citizen Science Professional Development
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  • Brian Sullivan

    eBird Project Leader
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  • Chris Wood

    Assistant Director of Information Science and Project Leader for eBird
    I work with diverse teams around the world to enable eBird to reach a global audience.
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