Chairman’s Council

Violet-headed Hummingbird by Tim Liguori/Macaulay Library. Violet-headed Hummingbird by Tim Liguori/Macaulay Library.

The Chairman’s Council is a generous and dedicated group of Cornell Lab of Ornithology leaders who enable the Lab to pursue excellence and leadership in international scientific discovery, education, citizen science, and conservation.

The true benefits of Chairman’s Council membership come from the broad impact of work at the Cornell Lab, made possible with your help. Membership gifts made by our Chairman’s Council members enable us to direct funds to programs that have the greatest need to make significant strides in understanding and protecting birds and nature.

As a Chairman’s Council member, you will receive a full complement of exclusive benefits and special opportunities such as first-class birding experiences with other Council members, Administrative Board members, and Cornell Lab leaders, including director John Fitzpatrick. Past trips have taken Council members to far-flung places in the Western Hemisphere, from Montana to Panama. Future trips include a cruise on the Amazon.

Other Membership Benefits

To inquire about Chairman’s Council, please contact Melissa Walker at 607-254-2118,; or Bramble Klipple at 607-254-1105, We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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