Habitat Connections

Red-bellied Woodpecker by France Kehas-Dewaghe

Kids engaging with their local environment…
Birds bridging distant places through their amazing migrations…
Connecting kids to conservation, and habitats near and far!

Purchase the kit through our partners at Nasco! Our goal with the Habitat Connections curriculum is to directly connect young people with their local habitats in order to build their scientific and environmental literacy. This exciting kit, distributed by Nasco Education, addresses key science standards through school-based and outdoor experiences focused on birds and their habitat needs. Birds are a great hook for getting kids outside to observe and connect to their environment…wherever you are, you can find bird species in your area! Some bird species travel between countries and continents during their spectacular yearly migrations… they can connect us to other places, people, cultures, and environmental issues.

Habitat Connections takes students on a journey to discover the diverse habitat needs of birds, experience some of the challenges birds face during migration and nesting, and realize the unique ways that birds balance the need to reproduce and survive. Later in the unit, students will delve into bird migration through the eyes of a biologist via participatory science data and models. Finally, students put their new knowledge to work by planning and implementing a local project to benefit birds.

Your kit includes:

  • Teacher’s guide with seven detailed lessons, includes thought-provoking reflection and evaluation questions plus extensions for each lesson;
  • Student journal that can be reproduced;
  • Printed resource materials including colorful photos, participatory science project information, and posters and cards used within the activities;
  • online, password protected page with videos, animations, and teaching slides used throughout the unit. Internet access is helpful but not required.

The curriculum was developed with funding from the EPA and was rigorously field tested in 3rd-8th grade classrooms and educational programs.

To purchase your kit visit Nasco Education, our kitting and distribution partner.