Science & Nature Activities for Cooped Up Kids

Finding ways to engage your child at home during school closures can be challenging. We’re here to help! Use our weekly hands-on activities and quests to explore nature and science. A combination of indoor and outdoor activities will ease cabin fever. While being in nature has been shown to decrease stress and boost creativity, use your best judgement and follow local recommendations for being outside.

Week 1 – Diversitychildren reading

From their dinosaur ancestors, birds have evolved into an amazingly diverse group. Discover diversity and adaptation through fun hands-on activities. Take the quest and share your experiences with our Facebook community!

Week 1 Activities – Diversity


Week 2 – Courtship

Known for their glorious songs and early dawn choruses, birds rely heavily on sound. Why are they so noisy? Find out as we explore the first two stages of the nesting cycle in this week’s activities and quests.

Week 2 Activities – Courtship



Girl cracking an eggWeek 3 – Life Cycles: Nests and Eggs

What do leaves, twigs, mud and hair have in common? They’re all used in nest building! Explore life cycles by engaging in hands-on activities and quests all around nests and eggs.

Week 3 – Nests and Eggs



Family QuestQuests

Chose from a list of exciting weekly quest options to engage the entire family! Complete one or all quests and share your findings.