Ready to go on a family quest?

Join families around the nation on an exploration adventure. Pick a quest and share it with us on our Facebook group! Chose between outdoor or indoor activities, mix it up! As always, please use your best judgement and follow local recommendations for being outside. Don’t forget to view the activities that go with each lesson!

Week 1 Quests

  1. See at least 5 different birds on a walk in your neighborhood.
  2. Visit the Wall of Birds to find: the falcon, albatross, hummingbird, and owl.
  3. Go outdoors and try not to come in until you hear a bird.
  4. Look at videos of birds on Macaulay Library, and try to act out some bird moves.

Week 2 Quests

  1. Sit together outdoors as a family and create individual sound maps. Did anyone hear any sounds that no one else noticed? Share your maps with us on our Facebook page!
  2. Take your family outside, listen for bird songs and calls, and try to imitate them. Which family member sounds most like a bird?
  3. Find a bird sound you find weird or surprising on Macaulay Library.
  4. Strut your stuff! Lead your family in a bird-of-paradise dance, a pigeon strut, or an eagle soar.

Week 3 Quests

  1. Go on a nest search! Look in bushes, trees, and building eaves for nests used last year or this spring’s nests. Please be careful not to disturb nesting birds.
  2. Find out which birds use nest boxes (also called bird houses) where you live using the Right Bird, Right House Guide from the Lab’s citizen-science project, NestWatch.
  3. Build a nest that fits your family! Go outside and use natural materials or stay indoors and use things from around the house such as pillows and blankets. Take a photo of your family’s nest and share it with our Facebook group.
  4. Scroll through NestWatch’s Home Tweet Home photo contest and find the cutest baby, best nest, and most egg-strodinary eggs.


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