About Us

K-12 Retreat 2018

Who is Cornell Lab K-12 Education?

The K-12 Education team is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology program that focuses on formal and informal educators. We create innovative K-12 resources that build science skills while inspiring young people to connect to local habitats, explore biodiversity, and engage in participatory-science projects. We take an inquiry-based approach to science and provide educators with materials and professional development that support them in helping kids:

  • Develop science process skills by asking and answering their own questions inspired by observations
  • Spend time outdoors, connecting with nature by focusing on the fascinating sights, sounds, and behaviors of birds
  • Be engaged by the real-world importance of the data they enter online, which scientists use to understand and conserve birds

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology K-12 Education offers a variety of resources for all types of educators no matter the setting.