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Science Kits

Nasco Education is the official provider of our kits. The links below allow you to purchase the kits directly from them.

eBird Explorers Kits

Our newest curriculum suite provides educators with hands-on lessons that connect students to nature and grade-appropriate content through the world of birds! The eBird citizen-science project offers youth at any age the opportunity to make careful observations, collect and explore data and patterns, and build STEM practices. Transform students into scientists with standards-based, teacher-tested activities. Kits include supplies and reproducible student worksheets.

Habitat Connections Kit

Our Habitat Connections kit is built for grades 3-8 and introduces students to their own local environment through games, hands-on activities, in-depth lessons, and citizen-science projects. This kit will help you take students outside and also provides inside learning opportunities. Kit includes supplies and reproducible student worksheets.

Owl Pellet Kits

Want to teach the food web in an engaging way? Try our classroom Owl Pellet Investigation Kit. This kit includes a food web tangle activity that gets the students up and out of their seats, all the necessary items and resources to dissect an owl pellet, and a math component that uses science facts. Kit includes supplies and reproducible student worksheets for 15 students.

Need a kit for an individual student? Check out our single pellet kit.