Free eBird 3-5 Lesson


Take your students outside for a real learning adventure with your free eBird 3-5 lesson!free eBird 3-5

Build bird identification skills with students by downloading a copy of your free eBird Explorers: Discover Schoolyard Birds 3-5 lesson, “Color Pattern.” Besides size and shape, what clues can students observe to name a mystery bird? Why color, of course! Learn about color patterns and field marks then take your students outdoors to put their new knowledge to the test. The lesson includes access to teaching images, videos, eBird Data Sheet, and a Journal page.

This free lesson is a part of a full eBird Explorers curriculum that highlights the features of birds and includes a hands-on feather exploration activity. Students dig into learning to identify local birds, building their observation skills, and using the Merlin Bird ID app. The unit culminates with an eBird walk during which students look and listen for birds, document their sightings, and share their findings. The full kit will be available for purchase through NASCO in the near future. Stay tuned!

Reference Links

Bird Body Bingo Diagram Labeled – image

Bird Body Bingo Diagram Unlabeled – image

Inside Birding: Color Pattern – video

Mourning Dove Mystery – video

All About Birds – website

Teaching Slides – PowerPoint


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