eBird Explorers: Discover Schoolyard Birds

Inspire a connection to your local environment while teaching important science content!

Image shows the eBird 3-5 cover titled "Discover Schoolyard Birds". It shows a child out in nature spotting a variety of animals.

Wherever you are, whatever the time of year, birds are all around you, so why not use them as an engaging hook for science education? Aligned to 3-5th grade Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards, eBird Explorers: Discover Schoolyard Birds helps students become citizen scientists while building connections to their local habitat. This dynamic curriculum builds observation skills by diving into bird ID, bird behavior, and the structure and function of bird feathers through hands-on explorations. Students become citizen scientists by conducting their own eBird walks during which students look and listen for birds, document their sightings, and share their findings.

The full kit is available for purchase through NASCO.


Kit includes:

  • Enough materials for a class of 30
  • Life-size bird images
  • Bird ID cards
  • Clues to bird identification poster
  • Feather exploration packets
  • Lesson plans, handouts, and worksheets