Free eBird 6-8 Lesson

Bring science to life with your free eBird 6-8 lesson!

free ebird 6-8 cover

By middle school, students crave the opportunity for science that is real and relevant. Download your free copy of eBird Explorers: Biodiversity Detectives 6-8 lesson to help you make science real. Dive in to adaptation by exploring the connection between dinosaurs and birds with your students. Use interactives like the Wall of Birds to make science fun!

This free eBird lesson is part of the full Biodiversity Detectives curriculum that brings science to life while inspiring a connection to your local environment with a global perspective. Our grade 6-8 curriculum explores animal evolution and speciation, diversity of life, and adaptations. We use birds as a hook, utilizing exciting online interactives and hands-on explorations to engage students deeply. Students apply their knowledge during a bird count and explore the eBird database to discover patterns of migratory and non-migratory birds!

The full kit is available for purchase through NASCO and you can learn more here.

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