Western Wings

Wings Over Western Waters (WOWW) was an initiative of 16 western land trusts together with representatives of the Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture and Intermountain West Joint Ventures, the Audubon Society, Partners in Flight, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, and the Land Trust Alliance. The initiative’s goal was to help local land trusts with the science and planning needed to identify key species and habitats for protection, to form useful partnerships with bird conservation organizations, to contribute towards large-scale conservation initiatives, and to acquire funding to help local land trusts complete projects.

Delta Waterfowl. Photo credit: Fred Greenslade

The program initially focused on two critical habitat types in the West: riparian and wetlands. These water-dependent habitats are important for a variety of reasons. Each comprises only a small percentage of the overall Western landscape, but provides significant benefits for agriculture, fisheries, wildlife, water quality, and outdoor recreation. WOWW helped local and regional land trusts across the West by contributing to a larger conservation effort that provided migratory bird habitat for declining species.

We collaborated with WOWW on our online survey. Our western states specific analysis provided WOWW with information to inform their next steps in working with land trusts to conserve bird habitat.

More information about WOWW can be found in an article featured in the Land Trust Alliance’s Saving Land magazine here and the Wings Over Western Waters conference poster here.

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