Grassland Ecosystem Guide

Sharing Your Land with Prairie Wildlife
Gillihan et al., 2006.

Integrating Bird Conservation into Range Management
VerCauteren and Gillihan, 2004.

Best Management Practices for Shortgrass Prairie Birds
Gillihan and Hutchings.

Management of Western Forests and Grasslands for Nongame Birds
DeGraff and Tilghman, 1980.

Growing Grassland Birds:  Best Management Practices for Grasslands to Benefit Birds in Wyoming
Wyoming Partners in Flight, 2002.

Grasslands Beneficial Management Practices Tool
This tool has been created and launched by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) to provide resources to ranchers, conservation organizations, and government agencies in North America.

Herkert et al., 1993.

Grassland Bird Use of Conservation Reserve Program fields in the Great Plains
Johnson, 2000 in Heard et al., A comprehensive review of farm bill contributions to wildlife conservation, 1985-2000.

Effects of Management Practices on Grassland Birds
Johnson et al., 2004.

These reports are a series of literature syntheses on North American grassland birds produced by USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center. The focus of these reports is on management of breeding habitat, particularly in the northern Great Plains. By going to this website, you will see a list of grassland bird species for which accounts are available.

Management Strategies for Reversing Declines in Landbirds of Conservation Concern on Military Installations
Nott and Gordon, 2006.