Success Stories

There are numerous land trusts that have had exceptional experiences conserving both lands and birds; we interviewed some of these land trusts. Their stories have inspired other land trusts interested in becoming more involved in bird conservation and demonstrated how a land trust can benefit from bird conservation, including which first steps to take. We encourage you to read the stories of the land trusts listed below to learn more about their bird conservation efforts, and what they did to succeed.

  • Finger lakes land trust
    Finger Lakes Land Trust

    FLLT’s origins are deeply rooted in birds and bird conservation, as their conserved lands benefit breeding and migrating birds.

  • Indian River Lakes Conservancy

    IRLC is located in a unique area rich in bird species and is a critical site for the Golden-winged Warbler.

  • Central Colorado Conservancy

    CCC focuses on conserving certain habitats because of their importance to a diversity of bird species.

  • Mississippi Valley Conservancy

    MVC prioritizes the protection of intact functional ecosystems, and saw they couldn’t have healthy ecosystems without birds.

  • Sebasticook Regional Land Trust

    As a small land trust in a rural area, SRLT uses bird conservation to help raise awareness and garner support for their work.

  • Teton Regional Land Trust

    TRLT protects agricultural lands, which serve as habitat for many bird species of conservation concern.

  • Thousand Islands Land Trust

    TILT is working to conserve lands for migratory birds, full-time residents, and for future generations of human visitors.

  • The Nature Trust of British Columbia

    TNTBC prioritizes land parcels based on their biodiversity in critically endangered Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystems to maximize conservation investments.