Frequently Asked Questions—Membership

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Membership

(If you have a question about birds, visit our birding FAQ.)

Q. What is a Cornell Lab of Ornithology membership?

A. An annual membership in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology supports our mission of research, education, and conservation, including support of our many citizen-science programs and websites such as All About Birds. As a member, you’ll receive special benefits, such as our members-only Living Bird magazine and discounts on educational programs and citizen-science projects. Please join us today to enhance your own enjoyment of birds and nature, and to support our work in helping the birds!

Q. How can I update my membership information, such as address or email?

A. You can change your contact information at any time by going to the Membership Services page and click on Change Address/Info. Fill out the fields and click "Submit." If the fields are already pre-filled with information, please change them accordingly and click "Submit."

Q. How can I get back issues of your magazine?

A. Members may request a specific back issue by contacting our Membership team. We will send it to you if we have it in stock. If you require more than one issue, we ask that you consider a donation of $5.00 per issue.

Q. Is my membership tax-deductible?

A. Most donations are fully tax-deductible. However, membership fees are tax-deductible for the amount of membership minus $20, the value of Living Bird magazine. (Example: For a $40 membership gift, $20 is tax-deductible.)

Q. What is the tax ID # for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology?

A. 15-0532082

Q. I don’t want to be contacted for solicitations more often than once a year. How can I make sure that happens?

A. Please call us at (866) 989-BIRD or email our Membership team and we’ll be happy to make that notation in our records.

Do you have a question not answered on this page? Please call us at (866) 989-BIRD or email our Membership team.

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