Our Work

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology brings together the agility and impact of an on-the-ground nonprofit organization with world-class science and teaching as part of Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Our work spans disciplines from science to art, engineering to education. Our global community includes supporters, participants, and partners from all walks of life, united by a love of birds and nature and a commitment to help protect our planet.

  • Wood Thrush by John Petruzzi/Macaulay Library

    Center for Avian Population Studies

    We strive to use big data to create big impact.

  • Splendid Fairywren by Nick Athanas/Macaulay Library.

    Biodiversity Studies and Higher Education

    We explore the origins of biodiversity and how organisms function in nature.

  • Humpback Whales by Jon Comforth.

    Center for Conservation Bioacoustics

    Our scientists and engineers apply innovative technologies to record and interpret sounds of wildlife.

  • Gerrit Vyn on location, Multimedia

    Conservation Media

    We partner with local communities and organizations around the world to tell compelling stories about pressing conservation issues.

  • A young girl in a bird mask during the “Celebra las Aves en la Amazonía Peruana” project at a community event in the Peruvian Amazon. Photo by Marilú López-Fretts.

    Engagement in Science and Nature

    We inspire and support people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with birds, participate in science, and become advocates for life on Earth.

  • Eurasian Bullfinch by Josep del Hoyo/Macaulay Library.

    Macaulay Library

    The world’s premier scientific archive of natural-history audio, video, and photograph specimens.

  • anna


    We give birds a voice—by nurturing 100,000+ passionate supporters and by enthralling millions more with expert information, news, and live cams.

  • Lab

    Administration and Business Operations

    Our administrative team provides essential services to support the Lab’s mission, including human resources, finances, transactions, administration, and facilities.

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