Administrative Board

These are the current members of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Administrative Board:

Chair: Linda R. Macaulay

Ellen G. Adelson ‘58
James Adelson ‘85
John Alexander
Thomas Bacon
Philip H. Bartels ‘71
Robert B. Berry
Amanda Burden
Lizzy Chouinard
Chris Cooper
Louisa Duemling
Philip Edmundson
Nicky Falck
Russell Faucett
John H. Foote ‘74
Carla Gomes
Marguerite Hoffman
Ronald R. Hoy
Claudia Madrazo de Hernandez
Eric Jolly
Cathy Kling

Poppy L. McLeod
Edwin H. Morgens ‘63
Whitney Mortimer
David Moulton
Steven A. Osofsky
Rajul Pandya
Eric Poncon
H. Charles Price
Patty Quillin
Robert Raguso
Bryce Robinson
Evelyn P. Rose
Eduardo Santana
Lynn Scarlett
Maria Schneider
Jennifer Speers
Mike Stern
Bob Stevenson
K. Lisa Yang ‘74

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library