Coastal Solutions: Building a Bold New Community to Address the Shorebird Crisis

Each year, millions of shorebirds undertake epic migrations to and from the Arctic and Latin America, but as human development expands, coastal habitats are vanishing. Shorebird populations are plummeting toward catastrophe, their declines representing the world’s number one conservation crisis facing birds today.

Our Coastal Solutions Fellows Program brings together early-career professionals in Latin America, including biologists, planners, and architects, to craft solutions for ecosystem management and coastal development. Over the course of six years, the program will fund 30 emerging leaders to work across sectors to develop conservation projects and put them into action at key sites that shorebirds need to rest, feed, and overwinter during their journeys across the Pacific Americas Flyway.

The Coastal Solutions program is made possible thanks to support from individual donors and the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, which will provide matching funds if the Cornell Lab can raise $2.5 million for this groundbreaking initiative.

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