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2023 News Releases

Study: Temperature Variability Reduces Nesting Success, November 16, 2023
Nestlings are the most vulnerable to temperature extremes

Local Adaptation May Buffer Some Birds Against Climate Change, November 7, 2023, Cornell Chronicle

American Ornithological Society Announces Decision to Change English Names of Birds Named After People, November 1, 2023

Join the 37th Season of Project FeederWatch, October 18, 2023
Monitor the birds in your space—and other winter wildlife

Captivating Courtship: Leaping for Love, October 11, 2023
Paul C. Mundinger Distinguished Lectureship open to all on October 25

Birders & AI Push Bird Conservation to the Next Level, October 4, 2023
New method untangles interactions in complex systems

Wingscapes Teams Up with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, September 22, 2023
Partnership to enhance backyard birding

Light Pollution Threatens Coastal Marine Systems, Sept. 12, 2023
Offshore effects are still largely unknown

Free Webinars Celebrate Fall Bird Migration, August 29, 2023
Series hosted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

As City Heat Rises, Bird Diversity Declines, August 22, 2023
Conclusions of massive study in China

New Audio Technique Used for Census of California Spotted Owls in the Sierra Nevada, August 28, 2023

Novel Machine-Learning Method Produces Detailed Population Trend Maps for 550 Bird Species, August 9, 2023

City-Dwelling Wildlife Demonstrate “Urban Trait Syndrome,” August 8, 2023
Scientists find nuanced tactics are needed to increase urban biodiversity

New Cornell Lab of Ornithology Partnership, August 1, 2023
Enthusiast Hotel Collection guests  get local bird information

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Visitor Center Reimagined, July 12, 2023
Major redesign to create new interactive experience  

ZEISS Continues Sponsorship of Young Birders Event, June 21, 2023

Wildfire Smoke Threatens Endangered Orangutans, June 15, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Merlin Milestone: App Now Helps ID Birds Worldwide, May 24, 2023
Tremendous feat powered by birdwatchers

Cities Have a Role to Play in Bird Conservation, May 16, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Group Works to Make Campus Windows Bird Friendly, May 2, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Woodpecker Guides Post-Fire Forest Management, April 25, 2023
New tool turns science into action

Study: Mountain Quail May Benefit from High Severity Wildfire, April 24, 2023
Findings from acoustic monitoring in the Sierra Nevada

Migratory Birds Can Partially Offset Climate Change, April 11, 2023
Study examines a key but costly strategy

Great Backyard Bird Count Results: Wow! March 21, 2023
Half a million participants did their bit for birds

Watch Baby Birds for the Joy and the Science of It, March 20, 2023
Witness the fascinating family lives of birds with NestWatch  

Artificial Light at Night Aids Caterpillar Predators, March 20, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Climate Change Alters a Human-Raptor Relationship, March 14, 2023
Dairy farmers welcome Bald Eagles

Grassroots Data Vital for Reducing Deadly Bird-Window Strikes, March 7, 2023
International study calls for increased support of citizen science

Study Finds Social Bird Species May Be Less Competitive, March 1, 2023
Behavioral data collected by Project FeederWatch participants 

Nature Close to Home Associated with Well-Being During COVID, February 13, 2023
Study examines types of nature engagement during pandemic

“BirdFlow” model could reveal mysteries of bird migration, February 1, 2023
Cornell Chronicle

Join the Count: Good For You, Good For Birds, January 23, 2023
Positive vibes go both ways when people connect with birds

Land Trust Grant Program Seeking New Proposals, January 12, 2023
Cornell Lab of Ornithology grants support conservation on private lands

2022 News Releases

Study: More Than One Way to Build a Black Bird, November 1, 2022
Research highlights quirks of remote island evolution

Free Mapping Tool  to Help Improve Bird Conservation and Land Protection, October 27, 2022
Tool merges relevant data for 14 northeastern states

Study: Migrating Birds Attracted by Light Pollution Face Higher Toxic Chemical Exposure, Oct. 25, 2022 
Gulf of Mexico states of special concern

FeederWatchers Are More Important than Ever, October 18, 2022
Halting the decline of bird populations requires data

2022 U.S. State of the Birds Report Reveals Widespread Losses, October 12, 2022
Birds in all habitats declining–except for one

Small Garden Bird Has an Outsized Impact, September 28, 2022
Paul C. Mundinger Distinguished Lectureship, open to the public on October 6

Migration Celebration Returns! September 6, 2022
Be there in person or online for free events

Flight Plan: Turn Off Lights for Migratory Birds, August 11, 2022
Take the pledge to go Lights Out, Texas!

Birds On Island Time, August 10, 2022
Study relates island characteristics with the seasonal ebb and flow of bird species

New Course Helps Awaken Curiosity About Nature, July 28, 2022
Get expert advice gathered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Competition Limits the Ranges of Mountain Birds, July 21, 2022
Citizen science data help clarify a longstanding puzzle

ZEISS Continues Sponsorship of Young Birder’s Event, July 6, 2022
Young people with a passion for birds gather at Cornell Lab

BirdNET app opens new avenues for citizen science, June 28, 2022
Free machine-learning app reduces barriers to global bird research

California Condor Chick Hatches on Live “Condor Cam,” May 19, 2022
Fans flock to Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cam site to see the little one

Global Bird Populations Steadily Declining, May 5, 2022
Study conclusion mirrors shocking losses previously shown in North America

New Regional Bird Guides Simplify Identification, April 28, 2022
All About Birds series has a book for the birds near you

See How Many Migratory Birds Are Passing Over Your County, April 20, 2022
New visualizations from BirdCast reveal scale of migration above you each night

Critical Period for “Lights Out Texas” Coming Soon, April 14, 2022
More than half of migratory birds that pass through Texas will be aloft

Hear Spring in a Whole New Way with Merlin, April 12, 2022
The free app identifies more than 450 bird species by sound 

Light Pollution Increasing Year-Round for Some Migrating Birds, March 29, 2022
Southeastern U.S., Mexico, & Central America of greatest concern

Do Good for Birds & Science with NestWatch, March 15, 2022
Get a peek into bird family life

Migration is ON. Turn Lights OFF! March 3, 2022
Lights Out Texas ramps up for epic bird journeys

Birds Most at Risk from Air and Light Pollution, February 22, 2022
Study looks at combined effects on night migrants

Hummingbirds Exert Fine Control Over Body Heat, February 2, 2022
Study finds state of torpor is flexible and variable

Birds Bring Us Together for the Great Backyard Bird Count, January 31, 2022
Join the global community in sharing a love of birds & nature

Look Who’s Talking Now: The Fishes! January 27, 2022
Cornell study finds widespread sound communication among fish

Bald Eagle Rebound Stunted by Poisoning from Lead Ammunition, January 13, 2022
Despite increasing numbers, lead shot is reducing eagle populations in the Northeast

Apply Now for Cornell Land Trust Grants to Protect Birds, January 12, 2022
Grants support conservation projects on private lands

2021 News Releases

Bird-Singing Contests: A Clash of Culture & Conservation, December 8, 2021
Research examines how widespread this practice may be

Green Gifts that Benefit Birds, Nature, and People, November 30, 2021
These gifts expand knowledge about birds and nature

There May Be More Bird Species in The Tropics Than We Know, November 17, 2021
Study suggests many isolated bird populations merit species status

Can’t Find Your Keys? You Need a Chickadee Brain, November 9, 2021
Scientists identify a link between spatial memory and genes in a bird

Help Birds From the Comfort of Home With FeederWatch, November 1, 2021
Learn more about your backyard birds and contribute to science

New Grant Supports Native Habitat Restoration, September 30, 2021
Santa Rita Ranch receives funds from Lab’s Land Trust program

Some Hummingbird Females Look Like Males to Evade Harassment, August 26, 2021
New study finds females that look like males get more food

Study Identifies Patterns In Bird-Plane Collisions, August 19, 2021
The time of year and the size of the bird are key

Birds Are On the Move, So It’s “Lights Out Texas” Time, August 16, 2021
Get migration alerts to know when birds need your help

How Sweet It Is: Study Finds Songbirds CAN Taste Sugar, July 9, 2021
Having a sweet tooth may be a good thing—if you’re a songbird

What Bird is Singing? Ask the Merlin Bird ID App for an Instant Answer, June 23, 2021
Free app from Cornell Lab of Ornithology now identifies bird sounds in real time, using AI technology

Kathleen E. Melkonian Fund for Bird Biology, Evolution, and Behavior Established to Expand Student Research in Ornithology, June 11, 2021
Fund will provide up to $5,000 per year for graduate students and senior undergraduates

Major Gift Establishes K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at Cornell Lab, June 4, 2021

Darkened Windows Save Migrating Birds, June 7, 2021
New study finds decreasing lit windows could reduce bird collisions by 60%.

eBird Data Used to Shape Eagle Management, April 25, 2021
Cornell Lab’s eBird is helping the federal government streamline and refine its process for assessing eagle populations and informing eagle management.

Backyard Bird Feeding Sparks a Songbird “Reverse Migration”, April 14, 2021
Bird feeders, fruit-bearing plants, and a warming world are changing the movements and the physiology of Eurasian Blackcaps.

WATCH LIVE: A California Condor Nest on Cornell Lab’s Bird Cams, April 27, 2021
Peek into the lives of a new condor chick and its family near Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in California.

Genetic Shuffling Gives Rise to a New Bird Species, March 25, 2021
Researchers discover nature’s evolutionary “shortcut.”

Analysis: Birds Vs. Bacteria. Who’s Winning?, April 6, 2021
Data from citizen science tracks ongoing “arms race.”

Shade-Grown Coffee Could Help Save Birds, If Only People Knew About It, March 2, 2021
Survey finds even birdwatchers are not aware of bird-friendly coffee benefits.

Male Lyrebirds Create an “Acoustic Illusion” to Snare Potential Mates, February 25, 2021
Researchers discover unexpected role for mimicry.

Bearded Seals Are Loud—But Not Loud Enough, February 24, 2021
Vocal threshold may hamper survival of this Arctic species

Study Finds Even the Common House Sparrow is Declining, February 11, 2021
Citizen scientists provide the research data

Starling Success Traced to Rapid Adaptation, February 9, 2021
Genetic evolution doesn’t always take millions of years.

How Many Birds Will You Find? January 28, 2021
Worldwide Great Backyard Bird Count starts on February 12.

Land Trust Grants Protect Birds & Habitat: Apply Now, January 19, 2021
Land trusts are a vital link to conservation on private lands.

2020 News Releases

Holiday Gifts That Give Back to Birds and Nature, November 30, 2020
For the nature lover on your list, gifts that will grow their knowledge—and help the birds

Could Private Investment Finance Conservation? November 30, 2020
With $9 trillion invested in American sustainable investment funds in the United States, a special report explores the future for conservation finance.

Study: Clean Air Act Saved 1.5 Billion Birds, November 24, 2020
Improved air quality, reduced ozone pollution may have averted bird deaths

Bright Idea to Dim Lights Made Birds Safer Over Texas, November 18, 2020
Great participation in Lights Out project

No Feeder? No Problem! You Can Join FeederWatch, October 29, 2020
Keep track of your winter birds and contribute to science

Study: Most Migratory Birds Rely On a Greening World, October 27, 2020
Continued climate change could spell disaster for many species

Join Online Events to Celebrate Bird Migration, September 15, 2020
Learn from Cornell Lab of Ornithology experts

Grants Awarded to Land Trusts for Bird Conservation, September 2, 2020
Funded work will protect birds on private lands

Join “Lights Out Texas” Now To Protect Migrating Birds, September 1, 2020
Get migration alerts for nights with the heaviest bird traffic

Scientists Issue Rebuke of New EPA Rule That Compromises U.S. Waters, August 13, 2020
Rule removes Clean Water Act protections

Study: Oriole Hybridization Is a Dead End, August 3, 2020
Scientists say Baltimore and Bullock’s Orioles are not merging

New U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule undermines mission to protect birds, July 16, 2020
New rule counteracts FWS’s mission and does not simplify the regulatory environment for businesses

Birdwatchers Set World Records On Global Big Day, May 15, 2020
Socially distanced, more people reported birds in a single day than ever before

World Migratory Bird Day is May 9, May 5, 2020
Here’s how you can celebrate and help birds right from home

Birds Are Coming Through: Time to Switch Off the Lights, April 16, 2020
Turn off non-essential lights to protect birds during spring migration

Join “Lights Out Texas” to Protect Migratory Birds, April 16, 2020
New study is testing light reduction strategies

Make Backyard Discoveries With the Free Merlin Bird ID App, April 9, 2020
Noticing more birds while you’re at home? Learn their names with Merlin

Every Bird Has a Story. Discover Them All With Birds of the World, April 7, 2020
Cornell Lab launches new online resource about every bird, for everybody

Study: Birds Exposed to PCBs as Nestlings Show Behavior Changes as Adults, March 26, 2020
Males sing fewer syllables and are more aggressive

Join New York’s Biggest Bird Survey, March 24, 2020
Help measure the health of bird populations and enjoy the outdoors

Spring Into Action For Birds: Join NestWatch, March 19, 2020
Citizen-science data needed more than ever in a changing world

Tip Sheet: Opposition to Weakening of Migratory Bird Treaty Act, March 18, 2020
Public comment from the Cornell Lab’s Dr. Amanda Rodewald

Counting is Caring: Join the Great Backyard Bird Count, January 30, 2020
Around the world, people are helping birds by counting them for science.

Study: Bird Bodies Predict Lifestyle, January 13, 2020
Wings, beaks, legs, and tails help define a species’ role in an ecosystem.

2019 News Releases

Study Finds Bird Migration Timing Skewed by Climate Change, December 16, 2019
Weather radar detects change on a continental scale

Watch on Live Camera As a Baby Albatross Grows Up, December 12, 2019
Cornell Lab zooms in on a Royal Albatross nest in New Zealand

Appeal to Their Wild Side With Gifts That Give Back, December 5, 2019
Cornell Lab of Ornithology items support research & conservation

Endangered Whales React to Environmental Changes, November 19, 2019
New study documents altered right whale movements in Massachusetts Bay

Enter the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 14, 2019
Lots of great prizes to be awarded for biweekly winners

Uncover Secrets of Nesting Birds With “Nest Quest Go!” November 12, 2019
Help digitize a treasure trove of bird nesting records

Study Finds Gender Bias in Bird Conservation Plans, November 7, 2019
Overlooking habitats used by females adds risk for declining species

Project FeedWatch: A Simple Way to Help Birds, October 30, 2019
Long-running citizen-science project detects shifts in bird populations

Journey of the Juncos:
 Migration of a Familiar Backyard Bird, October 2, 2019
Science of migration featured in Paul C. Mundinger Distinguished Lectureship, open to the public on October 7

New Study Finds U.S. and Canada Have Lost
 More Than One in Four Birds 
in the Past 50 Years, September 19, 2019
Even most common species declining

Come to the Migration Celebration on September 14, September 3, 2019
Free annual event includes activities and fun for all ages

Grants Awarded to Land Trusts for Bird Conservation, August 22, 2019
Funded projects aim to preserve private lands

Climate is Changing Faster Than Animal Adaptation, August 20, 2019
International science team draws “worrisome” conclusion

Salt Regulation Among Saltmarsh Sparrows Evolved in Four Unique Ways, July 16, 2019
Study defines four of nature’s solutions to the same problem

Watch LIVE As a Wild California Condor Chick Grows Up, June 5, 2019
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology “Condor Cam” is now streaming

Enter the “Funky Nests in Funky Places” Contest, May 14, 2019
A puzzling nesting site could earn cool prizes

What Drives Multiple Female Acorn Woodpeckers to Share a Nest?
May 2, 2019
Study explores the possible benefits of rare behavior

Count Birds Anywhere For Global Big Day 2019, April 30, 2019
How many birds can we tally all together on May 4?

Special Seminar About Birds, Big Ideas, and Big Art, April 25, 2019
Hear and see how a massive mural of birds was created

Study: Why Unique Finches Keep Their Heads of Many Colors, April 23, 2019
An underlying selection mechanism prevents one color from dominating

Google Searches Reveal Popular Bird Species, April 15, 2019
Knowledge may help fine-tune conservation messages

Scientists Use eBird Data to Propose Optimal 
Bird Conservation Plan, April 15, 2019
The goal is to conserve habitat and protect migratory birds

Got Bird Nests? Report to NestWatch! April 11, 2019
Citizen-science data vital for breeding-bird studies

Cornell Lab to Partner With Princeton University Press, April 10, 2019
Two interactive calendars and birder’s life list due out later this year

Study: Some Woodpeckers Imitate a Neighbor’s Plumage, April 8, 2019
Worldwide, even distantly related species can evolve nearly identical looks

Study Names Top Cities Emitting Light that Endangers Migratory Birds, April 1, 2019
Chicago, Houston, and Dallas top the list

Study: Climate Change is Leading to Unpredictable Ecosystem Disruption for Migratory Birds, March 5, 2019
Variations in climates will have no historical precedent.

ZEISS Continues Partnership with Cornell Lab of Ornithology, February 13, 2019
Sponsorship includes crucial support for Young Birders Event and eBird

Great Backyard Bird Count Should Be “Finchy” and Fun, January 24, 2019
Winter finch “irruption” will be a highlight for many.

Apply Now For Expanded Land Trust Grant Program, January 17, 2019
Land trust projects are key to protecting habitat and birds

New Coastal Solutions Fellows Program
 Launches Class of 2019, January 15, 2019
Projects address coastal challenges along the Pacific Coast

Study Finds 2 Billion Birds Migrate Over Gulf Coast, January 9, 2019
Data from radar and bird watchers reveal spring migration details

2018 News Releases

How Will the Winds of Climate Change
 Affect Migratory Birds? December 10, 2018
New study finds both positive and negative impacts possible

Tip Sheet: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Director Responds to Administration Efforts to Change Land-Use Plans in Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat, December 6, 2018

New-Generation Maps Light Up Information on Birds, December 4, 2018
Powered by Data from Citizen Science and Satellites

Holiday Gifts For the Bird Watcher On Your List, November 29, 2018
Items support bird research, education, and conservation programs

Among Birds-of-Paradise, Good Looks Are Not Enough to Win a Mate
, November 20, 2018
Study suggests key physical traits & behaviors evolved in tandem

What Did Birds & Insects Do 
During the 2017 Solar Eclipse? November 14, 2018
Radar study finds less activity during the event

Get the Picture for the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 12, 2018
Anyone can enter photos of birds at feeders to win prizes

Discovery: Rare Three-Species Hybrid Warbler, November 7, 2018
Declining population of one species may play a role

Tip Sheet: A planet unsuitable for wildlife is a planet unfit for people, October 31, 2018
The Lab’s Senior Conservation Science Director, Amanda Rodewald, weighs in

Help FeederWatch Survey the Health & Behavior of Backyard Birds, October 30, 2018
New season begins November 10

Study Finds Mountain Birds Are on an Escalator to Extinction, October 29, 2018
Warming temperatures are forcing an upward shift

“The Wall of Birds”: Dazzling New Book
 Highlights Art & Eons of Bird Evolution, October 16, 2018
Cornell Lab Visitor Center mural in hand-held form

Displaced Seabirds, Songbird Mass Migration Expected in Hurricane Michael’s Wake, October 9, 2018

Robots, Telemetry, and the Sex Lives of Wild Birds, October 9, 2018
Paul C. Mundinger Distinguished Lectureship slated for October 15

More Than 4 Billion Birds Stream Overhead During Fall Migration, Sept. 17, 2018
Scientists use radar to shed light on the massive numbers of migrating birds and how many may not return

Creating a Continental Bird Migration Forecast, September 13, 2018
Researchers predict the movements of millions of birds across the United States

Come to the Migration Celebration on September 15, September 5, 2018
Free annual event at the Cornell Lab includes activities and fun for all ages

Special Screening of Elephant Path/Njaia Njoku, July 25, 2018
Documentary has ties to Ithaca

Crows vs. Ravens: A Numbers Game, July 5, 2018
Study finds crow mobbing is a key strategy against a bigger bird

School Garden Grant Program Earns High Honors, June 5, 2018
Cornell Lab of Ornithology program recognized with Halo Award

Live: Watch Endangered Wild California Condor Chick, May 31, 2018
Cornell Lab Bird Cams site provides a unique view of endangered species

Global Big Day Birders Tally A Record 6,906 Species, May 11, 2018
Celebration of birds draws record number of participants for one-day count

There’s a Bird Nest Where? That’s Funky! May 10, 2018
Send in your funny, funky nests for this quirky contest

New Research Unveils Bird Migration Strategies, May 8, 2018
Combining weather radar and human observations yields greater insight

The Case for Hope: Educating as if Survival Matters, May 2, 2018
Teachers urged to include sustainability in curricula

Global Big Day: Help Find the World’s Birds in 24 Hours, April 24, 2018
Join the quest on May 5 to tally birds for science and conservation

Smooth Dance Moves Confirm New Bird-of-Paradise Species, April 17, 2018
Rare video highlights unique behavior and sounds

Report Bird Nests to NestWatch—There’s an App for That! April 12, 2018
Participate in citizen science online or on your smartphone

Bird of Prey Documents Efforts to Save a Spectacular Species, April 10, 2018
First Ithaca screening of film coming up on April 15

New Maps Forecast Bird Migration Using Radar, April 5, 2018
Maps show migration in near real-time and predict bird movements, days ahead

Study: Climate Change Could Impact
 Critical Food Supplies for Migratory Birds, April 4, 2018
Scientists model what extreme climate could mean for future migrants

Beauty and the Beak Wins AAAS/Subaru Prize
 for Excellence in Science Books, March 1, 2018
Bald Eagle receives 3D-printed beak in inspiring children’s book

Online Game Remixes the Sounds of Nature to Create Beats That Are Truly Wild, February 20, 2018
Scientists team up with wildlife DJ and hip hop archivists on “BeastBox”

Brainpower Wins Over Brawn When Male Hummingbirds Display for Mates, February 8, 2018
When animals compete over mates, it’s often a showy affair. But for a Costa Rican hummingbird, it’s mental prowess that counts

Join a Global Bird Count for The Year of the Bird, February 7, 2018
The Great Backyard Bird Count takes place worldwide, February 16 to 19

Bring the Wonder of Nature into the Classroom
with the Revised Feathered Friends Curriculum, Feb. 5, 2018
Teachers receive a free bird feeder to support science lessons

ZEISS and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Continue Partnership, February 1, 2018
Sponsorship includes the Young Birders Event, now it its 10th year

2018 Is the Year of the Bird, January 5, 2018
Year-long campaign focuses on celebrating and protecting birds

2017 News Releases

Birdy Holiday Gifts That Inform & Inspire, November 20, 2017
Share the joy of birds and nature with gifts from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

BirdSpotter Photo Contest: Give Us Your Best Shot! November 6, 2017
Vote for your favorites in various themes

FeederWatch Asks: Whose Feathers Get Ruffled? October 31, 2017
Annual winter survey collects data about feeder birds

Arthur Singer: The Wildlife Art of an American Master, October 26, 2017
Those who love birds and art are in for a rare treat

Study Measures Light’s Dramatic Impact on Bird Migration, October 3, 2017
Artificial light at night disorients migrating birds

Dino-Killing Asteroid’s Impact on Bird Evolution, September 21, 2017
Study examines mass extinction effect on the rise of modern birds

School Garden Grants are Back! September 12, 2017
Now accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year

An Exceptional Autumn Sendoff: Migration Celebration, September 7, 2017
Free annual event takes place September 16

Report: Farm Bill Works for Landowners & Birds, August 3, 2017
State of the Birds 2017 identifies benefits for agriculture, forestry, and conservation

Study: Greatest Threat to Eastern Forest Birds Is
Habitat Loss on Wintering Grounds
, July 24, 2017
Findings may help set conservation priorities

ZEISS Co-Sponsors Young Birders Event, July 5, 2017
Annual gathering held at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Dance Moves Support Evidence for New Bird-of-Paradise Species, June 29, 2017
Cornell researchers capture first images of distinct courtship display

Study Finds Thrushes Make Remarkable Non-Stop Flights From South America, June 15, 2017
Single stopover site crucial in race to reach breeding grounds

Scientists Oppose Plans to Permit Seismic Ocean Surveys & Drilling, June 5, 2017
Joint statement from Cornell Lab Bioacoustics Research Program and partners

Watch a California Condor Chick Grow Up–LIVE, May 31, 2017
Cornell Lab Bird Cams site provides a unique view of endangered species

New Grants Awarded to Protect Lands and Birds, May 30, 2017
Funding land trust conservation plans helps everyone

LOWA Boots Support for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, May 26, 2017
Company outfits Lab birding team for Global Big Day

Introducing the All About Birds Pocket Guide Series, May 10, 2017
Get to know the birds in your yard with handy fold-outs from the Cornell Lab

Find Funky Nests in Funky Places! May 4, 2017
Popular contest returns with great prizes

Calling All Birders: Global Big Day is May 13, May 2, 2017
How many of the world’s bird species can be found?

Help Build School Gardens While Feeding Your Own, April 26, 2017
Special May promotion funds school grant program

Help Elmira, N.Y., Students Revive Their School Garden, April 13, 2017
Community helpers welcome for two “work days”

ZEISS Continues Sponsorship of Cornell Lab of Ornithology Programs, March 28, 2017
Optics maker will be the lead sponsor for annual Young Birders Event

Witness Nature’s Wonders with NestWatch, March 22, 2017
Join the flock of bird lovers who report what they see at bird nests

American Bird Conservancy and Cornell Lab of Ornithology Join Forces, March 13, 2017
Partnership Aims to Turn the Tide for Migratory Birds

Watch an Endangered Seabird Hatch Live
, March 2, 2017
New hope for a species once thought to be extinct

New Grants to Protect Land and Birds, February 7, 2017
Cornell program offers support for land trusts

Join the 20th Great Backyard Bird Count, February 2, 2017
Bird watchers around the world take part, February 17-20

Get Fired Up for Spring Bird Migration with Cornell Ornithology Course, January 27, 2017
Course takes place March 29 through May 21.

2016 News Releases

Lyric Wild Bird Food Sponsors the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, December 22, 2016
Partnership will promote feeding wild birds

Merlin Bird Photo ID Mobile App Launches, December 14, 2016
Computer vision app can identify North American bird species from photographs

Apply Now for Mini-Grants to Support Community Events, November 17, 2016
Activities connect birds, nature, and the arts

Give Bird Watchers the Gift of Knowledge, November 15, 2016
Cornell Lab of Ornithology educational resources last a lifetime

BirdSpotter Contest Spotlights Birds and People Who Watch Them, November 3, 2016
Project FeederWatch contest open to everyone

Celebrate Your Birds and 30 Years of Project FeederWatch, October 27, 2016
Long-running citizen-science project captures vital data

Study: Last Reservoirs of Genetic Diversity Crucial to Survival of Florida Scrub-Jay, October 13, 2016
Small, isolated jay populations contribute to overall genetic health

Citizen Scientists Along West Coast to Count Brown Pelicans this Saturday, October 13, 2016
eBird surveys will aid in conservation of species

Create Wildlife-Friendly Spaces With Habitat Network, October 3, 2016
Free citizen-science tool can be used anywhere

Free First Lesson in New Cornell Lab Bird Biology Course, September 27, 2016
Completely revised text now available

See the World’s Best Natural History Collections on Google’s New Arts & Culture Institute, Sept. 13, 2016
Cornell Lab of Ornithology interactive is part of the show

Take In a Fall Favorite: Migration Celebration, September 8, 2016
Free event takes place at the Cornell Lab on September 17

Middle Schoolers Flock Together to Build a Better Future for Birds, September 6, 2016
NestWatch workshop promotes interest in birds and nature

Forest Elephants Need a Century to Recover from Poaching, August 30, 2016
Study finds extremely slow reproduction rate unable to keep pace with deaths

Familiar “Butterbutt” Songbird Could Be at Least Three Different Species, August 24, 2016
Genetic work identifies where DNA diverged

Genomes of Golden-Winged and Blue-Winged Warblers Look to be 99.97% Alike, August 18, 2016
New research findings could have implications for conservation of one of America’s fastest declining songbirds

What’s Your Bird Personality? Take the Quiz! July 27, 2016

New Initiative Aims to Protect Birds on Private Lands, july 6, 2016
The Land Trust Alliance and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology join forces

New Report: The State of North America’s Birds 2016, May 19, 2016
One-third of North American bird species need urgent conservation action.

Fun New Books About Birds for All Ages, May 12, 2016
Quality titles released by the Cornell Lab Publishing Group

Right Whales Threatened by Planned Seismic Surveys Say Scientists, April 14, 2016
Letter to Obama Administration urges a reversal on permits for seismic surveys

Volunteers Needed for Brown Pelican Survey, April 7, 2016
Two-hour blitz will gather much-needed West Coast population data

Watch a Wild California Condor Chick Hatch—Live! April 4, 2016
Streaming video carried on Cornell Lab Bird Cams website

Celestron Sponsors the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, March 28, 2016
Outreach to children is a key component of the sponsorship

Study Clarifies Malaria “Family Tree,” March 23, 2016
Blood sample analyses show which mammals were infected first

Join the NestWatch Flock this Spring, March 17, 2016
Observations benefit birds, science, and participants

Cornell Spring Field Ornithology Course Goes Online, January 27, 2016
Lectures on birding and Northeast species available to everyone

Citizen Science Reveals Annual Bird Migrations Across Continents, January 20, 2016
Data-driven animation shows routes for 118 species

Look for El Niño Surprises During the Great Backyard Bird Count, January 19, 2016
GBBC returns February 12-15, 2016

2015 News Releases

Racing Extinction Documentary Features Cornell Lab Scientist, December 2, 2015
Worldwide call issued to halt extinctions through personal change

Holiday Gifts for Bird Watchers, November 16, 2015
Items support bird research, conservation, and education

Spotlight Your Birds in the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 10, 2015
Great prizes offered every week by Droll Yankees

Become a FeederWatcher to Help the Birds, November 5, 2015
Every bird observation reported makes a difference

New Book is a Joyful Celebration of Birds, October 27, 2015
The Living Bird: 100 Years of Listening to Nature

Greater Sage-Grouse Will Not Be Listed for Protection Under the Endangered Species Act
Statement by Cornell Lab of Ornithology director Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick, September 22, 2015

Migration Celebration & Centennial Open House: What Will You Discover? September 3, 2015
Cornell Lab of Ornithology opens its doors for a special day

First Live-Streaming Views of Wild Condor Nests, August 26, 2015
Conservation partners launch cams at two nests in California

What’s That Bird?, June 4, 2015
Snap a photo. Now computers can ID the bird.

New Waterfowl Foldout Series Simplifies ID, May 19, 2015
Take these Cornell Lab of Ornithology guides anywhere

Documentary Highlights Threatened Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush Ecosystem, May 13, 2015
Cornell Lab of Ornithology film airs on PBS NATURE on May 20

Birders Tally Half the World’s Bird Species in 24 Hours, May 12, 2015
More than 110 countries take part in new birding event

Massive Southern Invasions by Northern Birds Linked to Climate Shifts, May 11, 2015
Study finds climate pattern is behind Pine Siskin irruptions

Enter the BirdSleuth Youth Writing & Art Contest, May 7, 2015
Show or describe birds and nature in your neighborhood

World’s Largest 24-Hour Bird Tally, May 9, April 29, 2015
Can bird watchers find half of the world’s bird species to raise awareness for conservation?

Find a Funky Nest Near You! April 15, 2015
Contest showcases unusual bird nesting sites

Learn How You Can Help Nesting Birds, March 19, 2015
Watching birds at the nest is fun–and fuels bird conservation

Time Spent Outdoors Boosts Conservation Action, March 10, 2015
New study reveals strong link between wildlife recreation and conservation

Get a Taste of Spring Field Ornithology, March 4, 2015
Free session offers window into a local tradition

Great Backyard Bird Count Sets New Species Record, March 3, 2015
Nearly half the world’s species identified in four days

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Continues Sponsorship of Cornell Lab Programs, February 26, 2015
Support includes lead sponsorship of Young Birders Event

Warbler Fidelity to their Mates Based on Caterpillar Numbers, February 11, 2015
Research shows Black-throated Blue Warblers change behavior based on food availability

Hummingbird in Tropical Backyards is a New Species, Researchers Say, February 5, 2015
Look-alike hummers may be two separate species

Bird Watchers Help Federal Agencies Pinpoint Conservation Priorities, January 27, 2015
Birds switch “landlords” during the year, study shows; highlights need for cooperation

Show Birds Some Love on Valentine’s Weekend!, January 21, 2015
Join the Great Backyard Bird Count

Witness the Wonder of Migration, January 15, 2015
Register now for eight-week Spring Field Ornithology Course

2014 News Releases

Enter the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 25, 2014
Your backyard bird images could win great prizes!

Top 10 Gifts for Birders and for Birds, November 18, 2014
Items support bird research, conservation, and education

Threatened Status for Gunninson Sage-Grouse a “Wise Compromise,” November 13, 2014
Comments from Cornell Lab of Ornithology Director Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick

New Bird Biology Website Awakens the Sense of Discovery, October 23, 2014
Enjoy interactive activities about bird song, feathers, and more

Got Birds? Tell FeederWatch!, October 16, 2014
Don’t let what happens at the feeder stay at the feeder

New Tree of Life Traces Evolution of a Spectacular Bird Group, October 14, 2014
South American cotinga family is known for weird looks and sounds

Celebrate Amazing Autumn Bird Migration, October 2, 2014
Family-friendly event at Sapsucker Woods spurs appreciation of nature

“Green Wave” Explains Bird Migration Routes, September 11, 2014
New study reveals why many migratory birds don’t fly in straight lines

Climate Change Science Aided by Huge but “Invisible” Efforts of Amateurs, September 3, 2014
Many studies rely on citizen-science data, but few acknowledge it

10th Anniversary of Birds of North America Online, September 2, 2014
Dynamic reference stays current with the latest science

Name That Bird! Merlin App Identifies 400 Species, August 26, 2014
Cornell releases free Android app just in time for fall migration

Study Surprise: Many Bird Species Exposed to “Eye Disease,” August 12, 2014
Feeder birds not the only species affected

Maybe Birds Can Have It All: Dazzling Colors and Pretty Songs, Too, June 18, 2014
Major songbird study counters the idea of trade-offs limiting evolution

Maya Lin’s Latest Sculpture in Final Memorial Unveiled, June 4, 2014
The “Sound Ring” spotlights extinct and endangered species

Celestron Sponsors the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, June 2, 2014
Goal is to introduce birding to a broader audience

Find Funky Nests in Funky Places!, May 15, 2014
Annual contest seeks unusual nesting sites

Student Birding Team Raises $50,000+ for Conservation, May 13,2014
Cornell Team wins World Series of Birding championship

Cornell Birding Team Finds 275 Species in 24 Hours, May 6, 2014
A new route through Arizona and California pays off for bird conservation

Cornell Students a Triple Threat at World Series of Birding, May 6, 2014
Teams compete in multiple divisions to raise funds for undergraduate research

Flyways for Flyweights: Small Birds Capitalize on Weather Patterns During Epic Migrations, May 5, 2014
Concept of migration flyways gets an update for small terrestrial birds

Join New “YardMap” Project to Create Bird Habitat, May 1, 2014
Unique citizen-science program begins in the backyard

Two Hawk Chicks Hatch!, April 28, 2014
Watch Cornell Lab Bird Cams: a third egg is due to hatch soon

Nation’s Top Birding Team Seeks New Record, April 24, 2014
A 24-hour quest to find the most birds and raise funds for conservation

Scientists Acknowledge Crucial Role of Volunteers in Advancing Research, March 31, 2014
Citizen scientists seen as indispensable sources of data and insight

Join NestWatch for a Season of Discovery, March 20, 2014
Watching birds at the nest is fun–and it helps scientists

Citizen Scientists Needed For New Barn Swallow Study, March 13, 2014
Researchers will study the effects of artificial light on the pace of life

Free Lecture Opens a Window on Local Bird Life, March 11, 2014
Learn more about a birding course that’s perfect for everyone

Warming Temperatures Are Pushing Two Chickadee Species–and Their Hybrids–Northward, March 6, 2014
DNA sleuthing confirms chickadee “hybrid zone” marching northward as climate warms

Escalator to Extinction: Climate Change Pushing Tropical Birds Up the Mountain…and Off, February 18, 2014
Research predicts localized bird extinctions because of climate change.

Record Number of Countries Join the Great Backyard Bird Count, February 18, 2014
Bird watcherson pace to shatter records

Cities Support More Native Biodiversity Than Previously Thought, February 13, 2014
New research finds the world’s cities retain a unique natural ecosystem

Build New Skills With Spring Birding Course, January 22, 2014
Annual Spring Field Ornthology course runs March 26-May 18

Get Geared Up for the Great Backyard Bird Count! January 16, 2014
Bird watchers around the world neded to gather crucial data

What’s That Bird? A New App Names the Birds You See, January 13, 2014
“Merlin” iPhone app asks five questions, reveals nearby birds

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