Adriaan Dokter

Research Associate


Bird Migration • Radar Ornithology • Foraging Ecology • Computer Science

I study the seasonal migrations of birds, from the continental-scale movements of species to the fine-scale behavior of individuals flying through the atmosphere. I use weather radar networks as well as individual tags to address questions in migration ecology, including when and where birds migrate, when and where birds die within the annual cycle, and how shifting patterns in mortality and recruitment of young birds cause bird abundances to change. I also develop software tools for biologists using weather radar as a tool in their research.

I am an ecologist with a background in physics, and my research bridges the disciplines of ecology, computer science, physics, and meteorology, addressing questions about the effects of global change on the distribution and seasonal migration of birds.

After receiving my Ph.D. at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam, I studied animal movement during postdoctoral appointments at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, the University of Amsterdam, and the Netherlands Meteorological Institute. I have a continuing interest in understanding the role of individual decision making as a constituent of large-scale movement patterns, which I explored in individual tracking studies on dark-bellied brent geese (Brant) and Eurasian Oystercatchers.


PhD, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Amsterdam

Recent Publications

Hoekstra, B., W. Bouten, A. Dokter, H. Van Gasteren, C. Van Turnhout, B. Kranstauber, E. Van Loon, H. Leijnse, and J. Shamoun‐Baranes (2024). Fireworks disturbance across bird communities. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 22:e2694.
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Loss, S. R., B. V. Li, L. C. Horn, M. R. Mesure, L. Zhu, T. G. Brys, A. M. Dokter, J. A. Elmore, R. E. Gibbons, T. Z. Homayoun, K. G. Horton, et al. (2023). Citizen science to address the global issue of bird–window collisions. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 21:418–427.
Van Doren, B. M., V. Lostanlen, A. Cramer, J. Salamon, A. Dokter, S. Kelling, J. P. Bello, and A. Farnsworth (2023). Automated acoustic monitoring captures timing and intensity of bird migration. Journal of Applied Ecology 60:433–444.
La Sorte, F. A., M. Somveille, A. M. Dokter, and E. T. Miller (2022). Seasonal species richness of birds on the world's islands and its geographical correlates. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289:20221105.
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Shamoun-Baranes, J., S. Bauer, J. W. Chapman, P. Desmet, A. M. Dokter, A. Farnsworth, H. van Gasteren, B. Haest, J. Koistinen, B. Kranstauber, F. Liechti, et al. (2022). Meteorological data policies needed to support biodiversity monitoring with weather radar. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 103:E1234–E1242.
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Nilsson, C., F. A. La Sorte, A. Dokter, K. Horton, B. M. Van Doren, J. J. Kolodzinski, J. Shamoun‐Baranes, and A. Farnsworth (2021). Bird strikes at commercial airports explained by citizen science and weather radar data. Journal of Applied Ecology 58:2029–2039.
Shamoun-Baranes, J., S. Bauer, J. W. Chapman, P. Desmet, A. M. Dokter, A. Farnsworth, B. Haest, J. Koistinen, B. Kranstauber, F. Liechti, T. H. E. Mason, et al. (2021). Weather radars' role in biodiversity monitoring. Science 372:248–248.
Bakker, W., B. J. Ens, A. Dokter, H.-J. van der Kolk, K. Rappoldt, M. van de Pol, K. Troost, H. W. van der Veer, A. I. Bijleveld, J. van der Meer, K. Oosterbeek, et al. (2021). Connecting foraging and roosting areas reveals how food stocks explain shorebird numbers. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 259:107458.
Lameris, T. K., A. M. Dokter, J. Koster, S. H. H. Sand, C. Westerduin, and B. A. Nolet (2021). Nocturnal foraging lifts time constraints in winter for migratory geese but hardly speeds up fueling. Behavioral Ecology 32:539–552.
Gangoso, L., D. S. Viana, A. M. Dokter, J. Shamoun‐Baranes, J. Figuerola, S. A. Barbosa, and W. Bouten (2020). Cascading effects of climate variability on the breeding success of an edge population of an apex predator. Journal of Animal Ecology 89:2631–2643.
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Adriaan Dokter
Center Avian Population Studies
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