Andy Johnson


I research, document, and produce media that supports partnerships and conservation outcomes around the world. My role in the Cornell Lab’s Center for Conservation Media spans pre-production partnership-building, story research and writing, field production logistics and cinematography. In close collaboration with worldwide partners on location, our team produces compelling media about birds and their environments in order to reach targeted audiences with a capacity for conservation action.

I’ve been a birder since I was in elementary school, and always wanted to study ornithology at Cornell. I ended up doing my undergraduate studies here, focused on shorebird migration. I assumed I’d be a researcher in academia, but at the Cornell Lab encountered another path into science-based multimedia storytelling. It’s an exciting place to work, blending science, policy, and art to strategically pursue real-world impact.


B.A., Biology, Cornell University

Andy Johnson
Center Conservation Media

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library