Andy Johnson

Associate Producer

My role in Conservation Media supports the Lab’s natural history and conservation film production efforts. I’m grateful to get my feet wet in various aspects of pre-production research and story planning, field production logistics and camera work, and post-production planning for projects around the world. Our small team works closely together on all these phases of our projects, and we’re always kept busy. Our team produces compelling media about birds and their broader environments in order to reach targeted audiences with a real capacity for conservation impact. It’s an exciting place to work!

I’ve been a birder since I was in elementary school, and always wanted to study ornithology at Cornell. After attending the Lab’s first Young Birders Event, I ended up doing my undergraduate studies here, focused on shorebird migration. I always assumed I’d be a researcher in academia, but at the Lab I found another path into multimedia production, which has become a dream job I never knew was an option. I get to keep one foot in the world of academic ornithology, while focusing on conservation-driven storytelling.


B.A., Biology, Cornell University

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