Archie Jiang

Software Engineer

I work on the machine learning models behind Merlin as well as the tools that support them.

I started birding around 2014-15 and attended the Cornell Lab’s Young Birders Event in 2018. I came to Cornell for my undergraduate studies in 2019 and have been involved in Cornell Lab projects ever since, many related to the Macaulay Library and Merlin. As part of my work under the Center for Avian Population Studies, I have also created data visualizations and summaries for conservation agencies using eBird Status and Trends products to support the full annual cycle conservation of migratory birds.


B.A., Computer Science, Cornell University

Funny Memory

One time an unknown cat ran into my apartment and hid under my bed!

Male in jungle eating a snack.
Center Macaulay Library

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library