Becca Rodomsky-Bish

Nest Record Archivist


Native Habitat • Sustainability • Conservation & Sustainability Education

I am working to digitize NestWatch records with the goal of building a Zooniverse, crowd-sourced project where we can engage citizen-scientists to help transcribe these records into data that can be analyzed and used to gain a better understanding of birds during their nesting season, and how bird populations have changed over time. NestWatch has over 300,000 handwritten nest records that provide valuable historical nesting data for a variety of North American Birds.

With a background in environmental education, I originally found my way to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology by working on a project called Habitat Network that engaged people in creating habitat at home and in their communities to better support birds and other wildlife. I am now continuing my work in citizen-science by designing a smaller project to crowd-source historical nest record data.


M.S., Environmental Studies, Antioch University
B.A., Anthropology, Sonoma State University

Beyond the Lab

I am an avid gardener, for both my family and the birds! I create abundant, beautiful gardens to feed my family and the wildlife in my region.

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