Benjamin Walters

Communications Specialist


Communications • Biology • Ecology • Outreach • Education

I manage the content and communications for the Cornell Lab’s Bird Cams project. Whether it’s in the nest or at the feeder, live streaming cameras provide a great way to connect people with nature through their intimate views of wild birds. In my role, I develop content that fosters deeper learning about the resiliency, behaviors, and natural history of the birds that are featured on cam.

My love of birds and science has continued to grow as I’ve moved east from Nebraska to Ontario to New York. Thankfully, I’ve landed in a position at the Lab where I can use my skills to help the public develop a stronger interest, understanding, and respect for our natural world.


M.S., Biology, Western University
B.S., Animal Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Favorite Movie

The Princess Bride. “Anybody want a peanut?”

Benjamin Walters
Center Advancement
Projects Bird Cams
Website Bird Cams

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library