Emily Engle

Outreach Coordinator

My work at the Cornell Lab is fueled by a passion for connecting people to nature, science, and conservation. As an outreach coordinator for eBird and Merlin Bird ID, I create and communicate information through social media, web content, and events.

Growing up in the West, I developed a love for the natural world and pursued an education to learn how to protect it. Various projects—from carnivore research and land stewardship, to environmental education—have allowed me to explore the critical interdependence between people and wildlife.

I came to the Cornell Lab after working as a naturalist in coastal Georgia, where I fell in love with the birds and the landscape. My work with eBird and Merlin allows me to share my great appreciation of nature by promoting the celebration of birds, community science, and conservation action.

Girl in jacket with hat
Center Macaulay Library
Projects eBird, Merlin
Email ele53@cornell.edu

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library