Emily Engle

Merlin and eBird Outreach Coordinator

I engage communities in Merlin and eBird using social media, digital outreach, and the Merlin help desk. I am grateful to aid in the adoption of Merlin and eBird to help further the connection between people, nature, and science.

Growing up exploring tide pools, hiking, and camping on the west coast fostered my love of the natural world and inspired me to pursue an education and career helping to conserve it. From tracking mountain lions with the Santa Cruz Puma Project, to being an environmental educator on Little St. Simons Island, I am grateful to have had opportunities to further the connection between people, science, and the natural world. Each day I am excited to help engage people in the outdoors and connect communities and birds with Merlin and eBird at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Center Avian Population Studies, Macaulay Library
Projects eBird, Macaulay Library
Email ele53@cornell.edu

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