Evan Griffis


Project Assistant

I help build a sense of community among eBird and Merlin users through outreach, and help maintain updated content in the Merlin app. I run the reviewer spotlight series, update eBird photo galleries, and beta test new developments of the eBird and Merlin apps. I also assist with Macaulay Library webinars and answer questions in the Merlin help center.

I began birding at age 13 after I spotted my first Common Redpoll at my home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the years since, a desire to advance bird conservation has guided me in academics and field jobs throughout North America. Working at the Cornell Lab became a dream of mine after attending the Cornell Young Birders Event in 2018. I love that working at the Cornell Lab allows me to contribute to bird conservation in an impactful way—getting people excited about birds!


B.S., Michigan State University, Fisheries and Wildlife

Beyond the Lab

Beyond the Lab, you can find me running, training for cross-country ski races, or exploring local streams with a fly rod.

Young man with a hat, sunglasses, carriyng a bird scope.
Center Macaulay Library
Projects eBird, Merlin
Email eg653@cornell.edu

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library