Glenn F. Seeholzer

Curator, Macaulay Library


Neotropical ornithology • Field recording • Speciation research • Museum science • Taxonomy

I bring a background in evolutionary biology, museum science, and Neotropical ornithology to the growth, maintenance, use, and accessibility of the Macaulay Library wildlife media archive.

I am passionate about combining field work and analysis to document patterns of avian diversity. Nothing makes me happier than rare observations of avian natural history and behavior documented in Macaulay Library.


Ph.D., Louisiana State University
B.Sc., Cornell University

Fun Fact

I had seven bot flies take up residence in my back on an expedition in the Amazon.

Man pictured in front of a mountain and sunset. Glenn F. Seeholzer in photo.
Center Macaulay Library
Projects Macaulay Library, Merlin

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library