Holly Grant

Project Assistant, Project FeederWatch/NestWatch


Feeder Birds • Bird Feeding Strategies • Nesting Birds • Nest Boxes

I help to keep Project FeederWatch and NestWatch moving smoothly. This involves providing support for data entry on each website and in each of our mobile apps, managing project social media pages, co-managing our email inboxes, and aiding the shipping processes for each project. I enjoy helping our participants to have pleasant and rewarding experiences with Project FeederWatch and NestWatch.

I’ve always been interested in the natural world and conservation, but I credit my passion for wildlife to the experiences I had in college and the years directly afterward. I had some of my best learning experiences while taking two mandatory field classes at a remote field station in the Adirondack Mountains, and while doing fieldwork both in eastern New York for Karner blue butterflies and in Minnesota for Golden-winged Warblers and American Woodcock. I was so happy to receive a position at the Lab, and even more so when I was able to work for these two citizen-science projects. Now, I have been able to help facilitate the same kind of hands-on learning experiences with people of all ages through their participation in NestWatch and Project FeederWatch.


B.S., Conservation Biology, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Spark Bird

While my mom always had bird feeders on our deck, I remember the first bird that really got me interested in ornithology. I was in the Adirondack Mountains attending a 3-week field biology class, and on “birds” day, the first bird we saw was a Common Yellowthroat. I remember being amazed when I learned that this bright little bird was so common in our region, and that there were many more birds that lived here than just those that visited our feeders! By the end of the day, I was hooked. I returned home and suddenly started seeing several more birds than I had ever realized were living there before. Now, my life list is around 300 species!


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Holly Grant (nee Faulkner)
Center Engagement in Science and Nature
Projects NestWatch, Project FeederWatch
Email haf49@cornell.edu

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