Jasdev Imani

Application Developer

I am an application developer in Information Science focused mainly on eBird and Merlin. I spend much of my time working on the back-end Java and database code underpinning eBird, either developing new features or improving existing code to help things run more efficiently. I also produce the computer vision models that power Merlin Photo ID. This involves gathering and processing millions of images from the Macaulay Library into large datasets that are then used to train the vision models.

My birding life began as a teenager in East Africa and India and this sparked a lifelong love of birds, nature, and the outdoors. Working at the Lab enables me to combine my passion for birds and the natural world with my professional expertise as a software developer—and all of this in an organization in which we strive to use cutting edge technology to support shared goals in environmental conservation.

Jasdev Imani
Center Avian Population Studies
Projects eBird, Merlin
Email jasdev.imani@cornell.edu

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