Jessica Suarez

Associate Producer

I support Conservation Media projects through logistical planning, research, engaging with partners, and assisting film productions in the field. The natural world often leaves me in a state of wonder and I’ve become passionate about using the power of visual storytelling to illuminate, share, and conserve these marvelous species and wild spaces.

I grew up outside of Atlanta where I spent as much time as I could in nature. I fell in love with documentary photography in college and later nonprofit storytelling with a focus on public health. I returned to graduate school to study photojournalism, film production, and audio recording.

It wasn’t until I moved to the Peruvian Amazon though that I started telling wildlife and conservation stories and became a birder. I have since worked on media projects ranging from nocturnal monkeys in the rainforest to American red wolves in the southeast and snails in upstate New York. I’m constantly inspired by the work of biologists and conservation partners.


M.S., Photography, Syracuse University
B.A., Cultural Anthropology, Colby College

Spark Moment

My earliest bird memory was from when I was about five. I was drawing in a coloring book when an enormous Pileated Woodpecker landed on the window outside. It might as well has been a dinosaur to me; I was terrified and awestruck. Years later I finally learned what I had seen!

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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library