Jill Leichter

Associate Publisher/Book Editor


Writing • Editing • Book Production • Design • Publishing

I want to spark curiosity about birds and the natural world and I do that by making books happen for the Cornell Lab Publishing Group. I collaborate with writers, illustrators, editors, and scientists to make products we hope will inspire an interest in birds for the novice and also meet the exacting standards of serious birders. We publish adult and children’s books, field and pocket guides, coloring books, daily calendars, and puzzles. Every day is different because there is always something new and exciting to work on.

My publishing background began with a neighborhood newsletter at age eight, then poetry magazine in high school, humor magazine in college, art direction for children’s books, production for an ecological research journal and many years of freelance editing and design.


M.SciComm., University of Otago, New Zealand
B.Sc., Cornell University

Favorite Bird

My favorite bird, the North Island Kokako, has a black mask, electric blue wattles, and a silly habit of running rather clumsily up and down tree branches nibbling leaves. The song they sing is haunting. Once you hear it, you never forget it, and you don’t ever want that sound to disappear from New Zealand forests.

Favorite Encounters * Inspiration

I believe birds are so much smarter than most people think. I spent a lot of time with Yellow-eyed Penguins while working on my Master’s degree. I have been covered in penguin poo and fishy upchuck, but despite those horrid smells, they were endlessly entertaining.

Jill Leichter
Center Advancement, Engagement in Science and Nature
Projects All About Birds, Bird Academy
Email jhl8@cornell.edu

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