Jillian Ditner

Graphics Editor and Staff Illustrator
Bartels Science Illustration Program Coordinator


Science Communication • Graphic Design • Illustration

I work as the staff biological illustrator and graphics editor for Living Bird magazine as well as the Lovette Evolutionary Biology Lab. I’m interested in educating and inspiring interest in birds through accurate and aesthetic visuals, including special features for Living Bird, scientific publications, press releases and textbook illustrations. A goal of my work is to create easily accessible visuals that simplify complex information through infographics, maps, graphs, charts and illustrations. I combine my interest in ornithology and visualization in a Cornell undergraduate course called the Art and Science of Birds, an introduction to Biological Illustration.


Graduate Certificate in Science Illustration, California State, Monterey Bay
Master of Design, York University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, OCAD University

Jillian Ditner
Center Advancement
Email jd958@cornell.edu
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Golden-cheeked Warbler by Bryan Calk/Macaulay Library